GIA grade diamond prices go up??

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Apr 29, 2003
We''ve been looking online for a 1.5 princess cut diamond for about 6 months now, and there were several we were interested in. Today, since the time is finally VERY close, we ran another search and all the diamonds in our price range were gone, and the only available diamonds coming up on all the searches were about $700-1200 more than what we had been looking at. $700-1200 may seem like relatively not too much compared to the price of the whole diamond, but we''re pushing the credit situation as it is to get a diamond of the size and quality we want.

My question is... is this the diamond buying season? like roses for valentines day? What happened? or did someone just go on a major diamond shopping spree and buy all the diamonds we''ve been looking at?? (If it was one of you...put at least ONE good one back! haha)

We''re so discouraged right now.
( Someone, please...shed some light.


May 11, 2003
I dont know if it is diamond buying season or not. But I have the similiar story as yours. Back in december or a few months ago, I was able to find diamonds in my price range with ease. Now that its time for me to buy, it is getting much harder for me to find diamonds that I like. Every time I request additional info on a diamond someone else is looking it first. Thank god I reserve one at goodoldgold. But I know what you mean and it is getting towards summer so could be diamond buying season. Hope you find what you are looking for, if not you could always ask one of the vendors to look for a stone in your price range. I am sure they are more than willing to help you look.

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
I think what you might be seeing is what NiceIce addressed a week or so ago:

According to Rapaport News today, the DeBeer's Diamond Trading Company (the DTC) increased the price of rough 4.5% today with higher increases for two carat + sizes... This can have an immediate reaction upon the market in that some dealers will elect to increase the price of their current holdings so that they will be able to afford to replace their inventory in the weeks to come... That is one point of view, we prefer to market on a more positive note by maintaining the prices of our current holdings so that our merchandise is that much lower than newer stones emerging on the market during the weeks to come... Historically speaking, most of our suppliers will elect for the first option and increase prices now... Some mentioned that they were in the process of doing so today, but others indicated that they will be doing so on Monday because they needed to leave their offices early for the beginning of their Sabbath... Head's up for those of you "waiting for just the right stone to emerge on the market" it is likely to cost you more in the weeks to come! Don't shoot the messenger

Add to this the fact that there is currently a labor strike in Israel which is preventing diamonds from being imported or exported there is likely to be an interesting twist involving production, prices and availibility in the weeks to come... For those who are wondering, Tel Aviv and Ramit Gan, Israel are major production centers for the world diamond trade... Diamond rough is imported and finished diamonds are exported (primarily)...

Robin & Todd Gray
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