GIA certificate?

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Dec 16, 2002
I have couple of questions about GIA certificate? Is that really the most accurate certificate?

I just got back a report from GIA on the stone which had EGL certificate and it was also viewed by 2 independaent jewelers.

GIA stated that stone is SI2 and G color while EGL and 2 independent jewelers/appraisals told me it''s SI1 and E color. Who do I trust and is it possible that GIA is off or it''s out of the question?


Dec 31, 1999

What EGL lab (USA, Israel or Belgium) issued the report?

Did your appraisers have diamond master set to determine the color?


Dec 16, 2002
It was EGL Belgium.

1 appraisal: compared the stones to other GIA stones that he had
2nd appraisal: looked at the stone through the machine (I forgot it's name) and I was told that he used the same equipment that GIA uses.

1 appraisal so EGL certificate and confirmed that this is the same stone
2nd appraisal didn't see the certificate but provided to me same information as was listed on certificate including measurements, except for color he said that it could be rated between E and F depending on gemologist.

When I got the GIA certificate and compared to EGL, there are a lot of discrepancies in measurements:
GIA says 8.96 - 9.02 x 5.43
EGL says 9.00 x 8.93 x 5.45
GIA 60.4%
EGL 60.7%
table same for both: 59%
GIA certificate didn't provide crown height or pavilion depth so don't know if there are any differences.
Girdle thickness:
GIA says thin to medium, faceted
EGL says thin faced

EGL: says Very good for proportions, Good for Finish grade
GIA: says very good for Polish, Very good for Symmetry

When I compare the picture diagram where they mark inclusions, this is where I see the difference. There is not even one inclusion marked on both diagrams that would match. EGL doesn't show any inclusions on the back of the stone while GIA shows 3 pinpoints that at first we didn't even notice ont he picture until looking at it closely.
EGL shows couple of inclusions (4 in fact) on front of the stone while GIA only shows one inclusions (which they marked as cloud) but they don't match in terms of location.

I called GIA and they told me that they can re-grade the color and clarity for me and if comes out the same there will be extra charge but I am very suspisious if it's worth doing since it will be done by same lab and maybe same people and what are the chances that they would admit being wrong?

Also, now I am concerned if there could be a mistake made by GIA: did they send me back the right stone? maybe they mismatched the stones or could they mismatch the certificates? Could it be that I got back the right stone but wrong certificate? How do they match the stone to certificate?

The stone was returned to me in the same paper that I send it but with label where I see bar code and a number? Should this number match a certificate? Because I just realized that it doesn't.

Another concern, I send them the stone in the same paper that I had it where it was stated the size, color, clarity and egl certificate (it said, 1 - 2.66, ESI1 EGL, how sensitive GIA to this information? Could it be that they rated the stone lower just because they knew that it cam with EGL certificate?

It's a beautiful stone and I understand that color and grading is subjective opinion; however, I am concerned why the diagrams with inclusions are so different and there is not even one inclusion on diagram that would match. Has anyone came across anything like this? Any suggestion how to handle this situation will be greatly appreciated.


Jan 23, 2003
I'm sorry to say that EGL Antwerp is almost always off.
I've seen 3!! grades differences and as you pointed out, they don't use to plot all the inclusions. I'd trust GIA. Maybe it's a high G borderline F, but let me tell you that you've been lucky cause very often EGL Antwerp SI 1 = every other lab I 1/P 1.
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