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Jun 7, 2003
What do you think of a gemologist who doesn''t believe in using the B-scope or ideal-scope etc because it gives out misinformation or inaccurate data. The gemologist stated that some stones were rated excellent when she felt it was not that good of a stone. What is your take?

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
I think the more data you have about the cut of a stone, the better. Both the BrillianceScope and the IdealScope give helpful results in the analysis of the light performance of a diamond.

The IdealScope gives straightforward results which are not really subject to misinformation or inaccuracy. What you see is what it is. The only room for error is in the interpretation of the results, which improves with use.

For the most part, if used correctly, the BrillianceScope seems to give objective data as well. It certainly shows the difference between great performers and poor performers pretty dramatically.

The BrillianceScope & IdealScope have not "caught on" with the majority of gemologist-appraisers. Both are fairly recent developments, and the BrillianceScope is expensive. A lot of appraisers are content to gauge a diamond's cuts by the numbers and with their eye. Many are quite good at it, while some could use some help in the way of advanced instrumentation.


Mar 28, 2001
Most people talk down what they do not comprehend or understand or especially if it goes against their "tradition". When I first started using FireScope technology I got lambasted by alot of people even on the forums. Over time after scientists and experts in our field (including those in GIA and AGS) were turned onto the technology only then did people online start catching the vision. AGS is going to be adopting this technology into their upcoming grading system on fancies and before you know it they'll be using it for rounds as well. People involved in the leading GIA Research (Dr. Ilene Reinitz and Al Gilbertson) have both said encouraging words concerning this technology and Al Gilbertson himself has also created an offshoot of the FireScope called the GilbertsonScope.
Those of us who are using and adopting optical technologies to present the quality of the diamonds to our clients are letting the general public literally peek into the future of our industry and where cut grading and analysis is heading. When GIA comes out with the cut grading scale and AGS conforms their system using optical technologies our clients (and those of us stores who are turning their clients onto this) will have the peace of knowing they were steered in the right direction well before the rest of the industry got enlightened.

The ultimtate test though that gives the greatest validity & credence to technologies like the Firescope/IdealScope/LightScope & especially the BrillianceScope is when people can compare what diamonds look like to their eyes next to stones that don't score well next to them. We have clients who come to our location from all of the country (and the world) and we let them make the comparisons side by side. Their testimonies speak louder than any jewelry sales clerk who is looking to sell you the kaka that's in a lot of people's inventories. There are quite a few people even here on the forums who have purchased super ideal cuts who can tell you of their experiences.

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