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Jun 3, 2017
I am just a novice but had a great experience with Gemfix in April 2018. I wanted to replace a poor sapphire (very, very dark) in a three stone ring my husband purchased for me and I started my search on PS. I reviewed the recommended vendors and received some good advice from the awesome members on this board.

I knew I was visiting San Diego, where Gemfix is located, in a few weeks so I contacted them about a sapphire in their inventory and made an appointment to visit. Laura was wonderful to work with via email when setting that visit up. Since it was my first “nice” CS purchase, I wanted to meet the vendor and see the stones in person.

In person, Andrew was great and was so patient. He pulled out every blue sapphire in his inventory that would fit my setting (I know it’s best to get the stone first but I didn’t know what I didn’t know a few years ago) and spent an hour with me as I narrowed it down to two stones very quickly but couldn’t decide on the winner. Andrew never tried to sway me in any direction and I never felt pressured. In the end, he asked me the questions that lead me to the stone that was everything I was looking for, which happened to be the one that had first caught my eye online.

I had a wonderful experience (and fun while working with Andrew in person; he’s very personable). I’m thrilled with my stone and wouldn’t hestitate to order a gem online from him when I’m in the market again.
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