Gem newbie looking for some stones


Nov 7, 2015
I have been reading ps for awhile but never made an account and it is finally time. I know most of the definitions of terms and all but don't have much experience in application. Unfortunately most of what is available around me is just diamonds so looking to get some stones for learning. A very large thank you to all the people that have posted so much great information and pictures.

From everything I have seen this is stuff that I know I want:
Little to no window or extinction
Good to great clarity for the type of gemstone
No treatments or only those that are typical to that type of gemstone
At least 1 carat
Symmetrical cut - basically no pears or hearts - trillions are ok
Vendor with a good return policy
Price wise not too high as these are learning to get me more interested and comfortable in a larger purchase

Stones I am looking for:
Aquamarine, nice light blue - example of color below but you cannot see the gemstone well with only 1 picture otherwise this one might be exactly what I am looking for, this is my eye color and birthstone

Tanzanite, lighter blue (in case you could not tell blue is my favorite color) example below, thoughts about this stone welcome

Later I already know I want a darker better saturated tanzanite, willing to go into low 4 figures

If someone has a suggestions for starter stones in a dark red/purple or a light green feel free to post those also.

Thanks for any information and assistance.
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