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Jul 29, 2002

I already had put my $500 down on a diamond from Rick at DCI when I came across this site. I have ready many posts and am very concerned about buying a diamond from DCI now to say the least. I was promissed though that if I did not like the ring I could send it back at anytime (even a year away) and get a full refund. Has anyone bought any diamonds from DCI in the recent past? What was your experience?

Thanks for reading and posting!



Dec 31, 1999
I don't think you should worry too much - I hope they'll deliver what they promised and you indeed should be able to return it.

And post your experience (good or bad) here of course.

If it is not a secret, could you tell what diamond you're getting from DCI and for how much?



Jul 22, 2002
I wanted to state that I have had no dealings w/ DCI or Fred Cuellar.

My comment was in regards to his book "how to buy a diamond". IMHO, I found it to be a bit self serving; and I was in disagreement with many of his name a few.....

1. I found it hard to believe that one in every three diamonds are have been treated. I addressed that with my GIA Gradute Gemologist and he looked at me like I was nuts. He has found only one color enhanced stone in white diamonds. He has found some lasar drilled stones - but certainly not 1 out of every 3. I personally found this is be a scare tactic.

2. What is up with the depth never going over 61%? Am I the one who is wrong here? I understand that on a deeper stone you may loose some measurements; but I find this statement extreme. My stone is 62% and looks pretty good to me & others. Maybe I am blind; but I see no fish eye in my stone. Also, on this board, I learned that it has more to do w/ angles & proportions than "rules".

3. I think he was especially hard on Internet Diamond Dealers. I would never buy without an independent appraisal - but a good deal of them encourage this. I agree about the lack of multiple stone viewings. But, I don't know of a whole lot of jewelry stores or dealers that will order in 12 stones.

4. ..."Add 50 points for someone who has a diamond inventory of $250K or more." ....umm...I would say that person has a huge stake in selling. The person I bought my stone from (which he did not own)is an independent appraiser for many of the local stores and specializes in secondary market stones. His stake in me having to purchase a stone was minimal.

5. I can not understand his views on Fluorescence. quote "Two out of every Three diamonds have fluor. that cause the stone to look oily or milky in sunlight." I have three stones - all have fluor. None look oily or milky in sunlight. I must defy the odds ;-)

6. He lost credibility with his "secret wholesale guide".

I'm not saying that the book does not offer some sage advice. I just disagreed w/ some points.


Oct 14, 2002
I'd stay away from DCI and Fred Cuellar. Another great board is Go there and run a search on his name. As for what I can tell you, he was convicted in 1998 of felony theft. (Long story but it dealt with diamonds). Further, try emailing them and tell them you found another diamond from another company. Give them the specs, chances are he'll tell you it's a crappy diamond (probably even say it's "warped"). The big rap is that his book is very self-serving to the point he sets criteria for a "good jeweler" that only he matches.


Jul 5, 2004
Hi There

I've just been reading the posts from other memebers about Diamond Cutters International and Fred. I'm currently in the process of purchasing an Asscher 0.91 ct, VS1, F. I have read more broad articles and have noticed that a lot of Fred's advise regarding the cut it backed up in other articles. I have been speaking with Todd and Rick and I have to say that their actual service is excellent. They even provided me with a 'fake' email for my girlfriend to tell her that the ring wouldn't be ready in time and also take photos of the waxing as I requested.

I do agree that the book rail-tracks you into buying a diamond from them and he does put over a lot of scare tactics to buy from him. The way I see it the ring will be fully gauranteed/ warranted as long as DCI exists and the stones can be returned at any time with no questions being asked. Granted, he may have a dodgy past but I can't really see why this matters if you get the diamond that you want.

Am I the only one who has any good things to say about DCI?



Aug 29, 2003
As you can see, there are not too many DCI enthusiasts around here... but this doesn't mean that you cannot get a nice diamond from them. Since that "warping" quality criteria is not exactly exact science, maybe there is some reasonable deal somewhere on their list?

I bet the diamonds could not care less about who sells them and how - bonded or not bonded. Aside the stones themselvs, the terms of their offer are by no means impossible to compare with a fair return policy, I would think.

It may not be easy to find diamodns with good proportions listed but not the premium on AGS's stamp of approval (AGS0 cut that is), but to find a nice "warped" diamond should be very easy! Shouldn't those come at a discount at Fred's ?


Oct 30, 2002
Hmm interesting point if you find the perfect diamond then it doesn't matter who sells it to you? Personally I like to reward companies by giving them my business, so dealing with what I would consider a shady character wouldn't be high on my list. Considering there are tons of diamonds out there, finding another 'perfect' one with a vendor who I respect, and am proud to work with is a priority for me.


Apr 20, 2004
Well said Mara! As consumers, we vote with our pocketbooks- are you inclined to support a vendor who spreads fear and disinformation, and is a convicted felon to boot, or would you rather support vendors who empower the consumer by supporting consumer education, are open to the sharing of information, and are able to disagree respectfully with their colleagues? I know who gets my business.


Jan 21, 2004
Hey Indo! Welcome to PriceScope!!!

Just being a dissenter here, so please bear with me....

What ever happened to trusting someone you are making the most expensive "investment" of your life where you may have to rely on the seller's integrity, knowledge and guidance???

IF I bought a diamond just once in my life, and I knew everything about diamonds, I guess I wouldn't even mind buying one off a truck somewhere in a dark alley. Considering I don't know enough to be a gemologist (yet), and I would most likely get the stone set at the same jeweler, and would probably want to create a relationship with a good jeweler to get more items in the future, I personally would rather deal with someone who is trustworthy. it's not even about giving my business to a trustworthy person as a reward, but more like ensuring I don't get ripped off NOW, or in the FUTURE...CYA, if you know what I mean. Price and bottom line are great, but trust is a biggie...

Don't judge a person by their words alone, judge them by their actions. Fred's actions speak louder than his words, what possibly could instill confidence in any buyer who knows that past, is obviously beyond me...His prices must be "off the back of the truck in a dark alley" to still be getting business, because his actions instill NO CONFIDENCE in me....

But to each his own I guess...

I wish you well on your purchase, and if possible, please post pictures of the ring (stone) when you can, there are never enough Asscher's here on this site!!! Also, specs are great to have as well all love knowing the details of well cut Asschers, and I am sure Mike Asscher (from the Asscher family) posts here sometimes, would also like to see some of them posted!!! Glad to see you post, hope to hear about your purchase!


Jul 4, 2004
I got a stone from BlueNile before finding this forum. I paid a little more than I would have from one of the vendors here, but I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. That said, I read Fred's book and gave a call and spoke with Todd. He was very cool and helpful and followed up with me with an offer and documentation on a beautiful fun and then a couple more emails. He was a great guy to talk to and said that the stone I was looking at from BlueNile sounded like it would look really great. He didn't pressure me to buy his stone but simply offered me an alternative. I'm sorry that some people had bad experiences with that man and his company but I have to say that his book and his "helpline" were great resources for me... especially since I hadn't found this website yet!
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