Found the stone - need ideas for setting!


Jun 16, 2014
Hi there!

I have been lurking for while and have been soaking up knowledge from all here. Found the stone that I wanted at DBL. See below

It is on its way to my house for me to look at today! I had originally wanted a 2 ct Oval but the size of this one was honestly larger than the few 2ct ovals I could find. I can't wait to see it in person.

I want to put it in a halo. I like a particular on on DBL. It was a special one and you can see the 'nubs' of the shank from the top which I think is a look I like. The only thing I DONT like about this setting is how plain it is from the side. I have spoken with David and he said maybe they could engrave the side or something but I'm not sure.

Here is the setting:

But I really like a fancier setting on the side. Something like the side of this

Anyone have any ideas? Can you point me toward any pictures or photos of 'engraving' on rings?

I am open to other settings - just really like the split shank. Thank you for your help!


Feb 14, 2005
The first one has an open gallery and a visible yellow gold cup to enhance the color of the center stone. On the second setting, there is metal in the gallery, making it hard to see if there is a yellow gold cup underneath.

I don't see why you wouldn't be able to add some design to the gallery of the first one, but maybe there is a structural reason David knows of that prevents it from being done. I don't think engraving the surface of the cup (if that's what he means) is going to have the same effect.

There are tons of halos out there with decorative galleries. I'd look around the web at more inspiration pics, pick your favorites, then show them to David (or whoever you choose to make the setting) and let them tell you what is feasible.
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