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Followup to diamond mixup/wrong cert

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Apr 4, 2003
Here''s a followup to my earlier posting:
So, the jeweler tracked down the correct cert. Instead of a 1.04 G, SI1 62.6% depth, 56% table very good/good, the stone is actually certified as a 1.03 H, SI1, 61.6%, 56%, excellent/excellent.

For their mixup, and because of the lower color and .01 carat difference, they''re willing to knock the original $4900 price of the stone to $4400.

They also offered two others--and they say better--stones at the original $4900 price.
-- 1.00 E/SI1 (excellent/good) 62-table, 56-depth
(seems like a bad table to me!)
-- 1.05 G/SI1 (good/good) 57-table, 61.9-depth.

They''ll also just let me return the stone for my money.
I''m leaning toward keeping the first stone. How noticeable will that H be over a F or G? The 1.05 G/SI1 would probably be my next choice.
Any thoughts from the wise ones on the board?



Feb 22, 2003
As far as color,.... Unless you are a diamond expert, you will probably be happy with the H. F, G, and H are all near colorless. H is just a step below G. A well cut H will face up white in YG, WG, or Platinum.

I did a quick PS search and found 2 comparable diamonds (depth and table varied slightly), 1.03 ct, H SI1, Ex/Ex. White Flash has one listed at $4022 and Jewelry Zone has one listed at $4236. Keep in mind, you won't pay sales tax on either of those. Depending on your tax rate, that could be a tidy sum.

I would tend to go with the H Ex/Ex. Ask for a Sarin Report and run the Cut Advisor. Make sure that looks good.

Glad you got the confusion resolved so quickly!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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