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Flourescense? How important is it?

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Mar 17, 2007
How important is flourescense? I seem to be getting different answers from different people/websites. Some say avoid it like the plague, others have said that it actually makes no difference in normal light. Who should I believe in this situation?

Basically I''m trying to figure out how flourescense affects the "performance" of the diamond and how it affects the diamond quality in general. Also, what is "too much" flourescense? Thanks in advance!


Jul 11, 2005
It depends. But in almost all situations, flourescence will not have a negative effect.

Some people don''t even ever notice flourescence until it is at the medium or strong point. My diamond has faint flouro. and it glows a faint violet in direct sunlight. Some people love that and others want their diamond to be white, not violet in all lighting. So you have to know what it is you favor.


Feb 17, 2007
It really is a personal preference. Flour can affect a diamond either negatively, not at all, or it can make it appear a bit colored (usually blue) in bright light. What it really means is that under black light the diamond will appear a different color.

Many people like it, but you need to see a diamond in person OR work with an experienced dealer to know whether it is a negative attribute or not. If you don''t know enough and are looking at shopping locally, it''s probably best to avoid it.

Flour that affects a diamond negatively usually makes it look a little milky or hazy. Some people don''t like the way strong flour can make your diamond look blueish in bright sunlight either-while others love it.

Hope that helps!


Jan 8, 2007
From what I understand, flourescense isn''t "bad".
Very rarely it can make the diamond appear cloudy or oily. But usually it''s fine. I know that it is helpful in the H-I-J color range because it helps the diamond appear more white, the stronger the flor the better. A lot of people on here think that it''s cool, me included. I know that I personally will be searching for a diamond that has some.


Jul 14, 2006
It's one of those questions that has no fixed answer.

I have had all kinds of diamonds. I have a D with strong blue. I adore it. It never looks weird. It's beautiful all the time.

I had in the past a F with strong blue. It looked good most of the time, but in some lights it was periwinkle and I didn't like it and I returned it.

I have a F with zero flo. It's fine. I have a G with Med flo and it's fantastic.

In summary I like a diamond with fluorescense provided it does not turn funny colors in some light conditions. What it does under a black light doesn't bother me at all. I don't spend a lot of time under black lights!

You need to see the stone in question, take it around to different lighting conditions and judge it yourself.

In general high color (D,E,F) stones get a discount if they have fluorescence. This is rather nice for the consumer if you can find one that pleases you.
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