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Sep 21, 2006
when a florist puts together a mock of a wedding centerpiece, is it customary to charge same amount charging on actual day?



Mar 22, 2006

I work at a flower shop and I can honestly say that we don''t normally do mockups except for extremely large events (huge corporate affairs and the like). I would guess that the cost of the mockup would be the same price as your actual day flowers if not more expensive. To do the mockup your florist may have to stock flowers that they do not normally carry so they will need to cover the cost of the flowers and the arrangment.

Generally speaking also the day of your wedding the florist will get a reduced price on your flowers as they will be getting them in bulk and this is generally passed on to you so that they can do your wedding day arrangments more affordably. They will not get this price break to do the mockup so I would expect the mockup to be at least as expensive as your actual day flowers.

As I said this can really vary as it is a store to store thing and when we do corporate mockups we generally dont charge but just factor it in to the final quote but with your wedding you have likely been quoted without the inclusion of a mockup.

Hopefully that answered your question!

: ) Rebecca


Aug 8, 2005
Used to work at a florist and all I can say is that it depends.

If we had something similar coming up we might call the bride who mentioned wanting a mockup and ask her if she wanted to see what we were doing for that wedding... but sometimes wedding prep is INSANE and there's no time.

If someone really insists, then yes we charged. If it could be done with old flowers and left over greens or on a smaller scale there would be a reduced charge. But if it was all ordered fresh and it made up of flowers that we wouldn't have ordered but for the request, or would not buy in bulk for the store or would have been able to sell or use in other arrangements. Then yes, we would charge.

I do my own mock-ups, obviously. If I hadn't seen the florist's work at another event I would pay to see a mock-up... or I'd request to see another wedding's florals personally. Just because I'm anal about the flowers.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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