First timer in search of 3 carat

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Feb 28, 2003
This is my first post and I''d really appreciate your advice. I''m attracted to radiant or square shaped diamond although I don''t like the princess cut. I''d like a 3 carat. I''m unable to find very many fancy cuts locally to view, especially in that size. I want the cut with the most sparkle, that would resemble the fire of an ideal or brilliant round, but with a square or slight rectangle shape. My budget is about $22,000. I''ve been reading this sight for a while but am still confused as to what cut I should be asking for. Please help.....I''m stuck. Thanks alot.


Oct 30, 2002
Sounds like a radiant or a Hearts of Fire 'Dream' diamond or the Lucere cut or similar would be what you are interested in. WhiteFlash.Com has a cool search tool where it shows you the different shapes of the stones as you search, think Pricescope may have something similar when you pulldown what you are seeking, it changes the picture on the page to show the shape. Some other sites may have this but I am not sure which....check out some of the vendors on Pscope for more results.

I would start searching on some of the vendors sites for the Lucere or a radiant. Check out the HOF 'dream' diamond (like a princess cut but more rounded corners...beautiful) which is amazing in person. I have never seen a Lucere but people say good things about them.

If you are looking for a fancy it will be harder to gauge a good cut than a round since there are not die-hard standards that cutters or sellers follow, so maybe get an IdealScope ( for $25 and take it with you to see stones under it...this will show you the light return and leakage of the particular stone you are viewing. Dark reds are best, white is leakage meaning that the light is leaking out of the stone and is not returning to your eye as sparkle or brilliance or fire, etc. The IS will help you eliminate poor performers in person. If you are purchasing online, try to use vendors who have or use the IS and/or Bscope reports on the performance on the stone if you are focusing on an excellent cut.

Good luck..hope this helps....

Diamondsman...naughty self-promotion!!



Jan 23, 2003
Ditto on Mara!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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