First time visitor. Tough selection. Your opinions?

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Jun 5, 2001
Hello!This is my first time to visit this site. Nice job by the way, on constructing this. The entire site is very informative and I have learned more on the internet about diamonds then I have ever learned in jewelry stores over 12 years! I have a dilemma, and I would like to very kindly ask for anyone's opinion: Here goes: I am in the market for an approximately 1 carat round diamond. I have found two stones, both seem very comparable. Which one to choose? And why? Your opinion?First Diamond:
1) GIA Cert.
2) Superb Cert H&A cut
3) 0.93 carat
4) Polish = Excell, Sym = Excellent
5) Color = F
6) Clarity = IF
7) Floresence = Unknown at this time
8) Brilliance Scope = Unknown at this timeSecond Diamond:
1) GIA Cert.
2) Superb Cert H&A cut
3) 1.00 carat
4) Polish = Excell, Sym = Excellent
5) Color = D
6) Clarity = Si1 (eyeclean)
7) Floresence = None
8) Brilliance Scope = VH2, VH3+, VH2
9) Table = 56.1 Depth = 61.0
10) Crown 11) Cr. Height = 15.2 Pavil Depth = 42.7
12) Culet 0.3% very small
13) Girdle thickness 1.6%
Assuming the 0.93 carat stone comes back with comparable BrillianceScope readings, which diamond would you go with? On one hand, it would be nice to go with the D color, but then I have only and Si1 clarity. Yet, the other stone is Internally Flawless, but has an F color. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Both stones are priced almost the same. Any thoughts?Once I get back the readings on the 0.93 BrilliantScope readings, if there is a significant difference, I will probably choose the diamond with the higher readings, since most people prefer the diamond with the hightest BrilliantScope readings. Would you concur with this "logic"? Assuming both diamonds have the same BrilliantScope readings, then which one to go with? Help!Thanks. PaulPS I am assuming the size difference to the eye from a 1.0 carat diamond to a 0.93 is insignificant, since it only represents about a 3.5% decrease in diameter size from one "perfect cut" stone to the next. Any thoughts?


Dec 31, 1999
Hi Paul, thank you for nice words

SuperbCert are very nice stones - good choice. You probably won't make an error with any of them.
Two things you have to consider: carat and clarity. Both are the matter of personal taste and preferences.
You probably already know that price per carat increase significantly once the carat weight goes from 0.90-0.99 range to 1.0. 1 carat is magic figure and for many people is important to give diamond not less than 1 carat despite the negligible difference in diameter. How important 1 carat number is for you or your fiancé or your future in-laws?
Clarity. Good SI1 diamond won't show inclusions to the naked eye while price difference between IF and SI1 is big. If you cannot see inclusions in the second stone without a loupe, does it matter for you IF or SI1?
Having all factors equal I'd go for the second one but this is my personal preference. I don't care about inclusions that I cannot see.
Besides Brillianscope results pay attention to the consistency of the Hearts and Arrows patterns. Hearts must not be split, etc. See grading the hearts
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