First time diamond buyer. Emerald cut help?


May 11, 2011
I've been lurking for some time now, but I finally decided to create an account because I'm ready to buy and need a little guidance.

I'm looking for an emerald cut diamond for a pendant and found this one a .60 D, VS1 that was in my price range. My fear is that it may be too 'small' (completely relative, I know), so I went looking again and found a .85 H,VS2. I came across a site a few years ago that allowed me to plug in diamond parameters but I can't find it to save my life. Any help/advice/insight would be greatly appreciated.

Carat weight: 0.60
Cut: Very Good
Color: D
Clarity: VS1
Reports: GIA
Depth: 63.1%
Table: 68%
Girdle: Medium to Thick
Culet: None
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Fluorescence: Medium
Measurements: 6.13 x 4.06 x 2.56 mm
Length/width ratio: 1.51

Carat weight: 0.85
Cut: Very Good
Color: H
Clarity: VS2
Reports: GIA
Depth: 61.1%
Table: 71%
Girdle: Thick to Very Thick
Culet: None
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Excellent
Fluorescence: None
Measurements: 6.78 x 4.69 x 2.86 mm
Length/width ratio: 1.45


Jan 11, 2006
You can plug in numbers for rounds, but not fancy cuts. Are there pictures for those stones? If not, there's no way to judge them.

Really, I'd probably work with Good Old Gold on finding one, because even if they do not have what you want in stock, they can call a couple in and take pictures and videos for you. That way, you can really choose a great stone! But here is a pretty one they have in stock:
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