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First Time Buyer - Need Princess Cut Advice

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Apr 9, 2003

I am new to this forum, but am in the marget for a nice diamond. I''ve read up a bit on several websites. I was looking for something along the lines of:
Very Good cut (I''ve read theat is one of the more important "C''s" and want that to be my main factor - not sure how good of a cut I want but hopefully you cguys can help
)., Color: E-G, clarity SI1 - VS2, and about 1.2ctw give or take a little. Also, should I feel confident looking at diamonds on the internet (i.e. or

I would GREATLY appreciate all and any advice, maybe even some suggestions on diamonds. Thanks in Advance!!!



Mar 14, 2003
Hello -
Look on the site for princess cut parameters, then you can use pricescope to find stones of the table/depth you would like. Then, have the diamond sent to an independent appraiser (like David Atlas or you can find someone local) to get remaining info (or get the seller to provide a Sarin Report). Don't hesitate using the net, from my experience the sellers are more helpful and willing to provide information than B&M stores(my B&M experience was terrible, and I am not even talking about the prices they were charging. We got our stone from Abazias, got a great deal - Oscar (the manager/owner) was extremely helpful and friendly. There are several places you can go to, just do a search on the company name if you question their integrity - people are not afraid to tell of bad expereinces on this board (as well as their good ones).
Hope this helps!


Apr 9, 2003

Thanks for the advice!! Abazias was also one of the online sellers I was looking at. I am just not very sure about table/depth I want. I have looked at the chart on, but am not to sure. Thanks for your info again!

Just looking for some experienced advice (I know it really depends). Should I be looking for a table/depth of (65-75%)?


Jun 27, 2002
Hi trident111,

There are no idealized measurements for princess
cut diamonds yet.
There are however, a few charts available which some
establishments use to determine cut grades.
These grading systems are and have been subject to critism.
Some have argued that going by the numbers alone is
only 30% indicative as to the predictability of the
beauty of a stone.
Others have determined that the numbers mean absolutely
nothing when attempting to judge a princess cut.
Two Princess with similar "numbers" can significantly
vary on 'appearance'.
There are some comparitive tools such as the
brilliance-scope and ideal scope which have provided
visual aids for reccomendation concerning princess cuts.
And many have advised that fancy cuts like the princess
should be examined by an independent appraiser prior
to purchase.

These are just a few current interpretations of how many individuals perceive the pursuit of the princess cut.
And a final determination would be that the consumer should be the final judge by personally inspecting the stone and making a visual purchase.

In any event, answering your question is not as easy as it seems if you decide to look at this objectively.

Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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