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First brown diamond purchase


Jan 21, 2016
Hi, I want to make sure I'm getting a decent deal here. I hope someone can help me.
I am looking at purchasing a diamond with the following info:

2.51 carat
Fancy Dark Brown
SI1 Clarity
GIA Certified
No Flourescence
Very good Polish
Excellent Symmetry

I forgot to add it's natural, Round Brilliant, Even Color Distribution - I think that's all of the info.

What would you say the price range is for a diamond like this?

Thank you for any help!


Nov 24, 2015
Hi Alog2 - I'm in the trade so I can't speak about this stone in particular as it's against forum rules - but I can mention a few general points.
The criteria considered when purchasing a colourless diamond are not as crucial when purchasing a fancy colour diamond - so with fancy colours, it's all about the colour, and less about the other 3Cs.
Fancy coloured diamonds have their own demands for the diamond cutter, in that the cutter isn't trying to produce the same effect that is sought after in colourless diamonds. In the case of fancy coloured diamonds, the main goal is to preserve and enhance as much of the natural colour of the diamond as possible - the focus is more about hue, tone and saturation. Therefore, the cutter must endeavour to cut the diamond to assist light entering to produce the most intense display colour. Often cut the parameter ranges you'd see in a colourless stone of the same shape is sacrificed to improve colour in a fancy colour - - because light return isn't as crucial in a coloured stone, you can get a wide range of proportions.
In the end, the goal when cutting a fancy coloured diamond is to bring out the most colour, and the shape/cut parameters that appeal to your eye is really dependant on personal preference.
Because you can't really base a decision for a fancy coloured stone on numbers alone, I'd recommend trying to get some images/video to post here so that others here can give their opinion.
Hope this helps


Apr 22, 2004
Please post a picture or two. I am concerned about how dark the fancy dark brown is, which affects pricing.
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