FireScope vs BrillianceScope?

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Nov 4, 2002
I have been shopping for a diamond on the internet. In the forums, some people have stated that an EightStar diamond will always look more brilliant than a H&A (SuperbCert or A Cut Above) diamond in a side-by-side comparison.

However, I am now a bit confused. The website has a few EightStar diamonds in stock, but their BrillianceScope results are not as high as some of the H&A diamonds. I understand that EightStar uses their FireScope as a cutting tool, but I don't understand how an EightStar diamond can have lower BrillianceScope results if each EightStar diamond is always cut perfectly.

If you had two diamonds, each being the same price (for the sake of discussion), carat weight, color, and clarity - and one was an EightStar (BrillianceScope results VH1, VH1, H3), and the other was a H&A (BrillianceScope results VH2, VH2, VH3) - could you tell the difference, and which one would be preferrable?

Does the BrillianceScope have some limitation in evaluating EightStar diamonds that were cut using a FireScope?

Any thoughts??:confused:


Sep 2, 2002
Good luck getting a satisfying response to this one! There is a lot of debate about this on the forums, and almost everyone taking part has some bias. I wish I knew the answer!


Dec 31, 1999
Strattonvt, I'll make the things more confusing for you :)

Brilliancescope measures light return. Firescope shows distribution of the light return and leakage.

Theoretically speaking neither of these tools alone can guarantee that you will like a diamond until you look at it and compare with others.

Moreover, light return measured by BS alone is not the same as human perception brilliance. Excellent FS image with no leakage alone doesn't mean that the diamond will be bright (it can be rather dark but shows little light leakage!).

All diamonds that cut close to ideal proportions are beautiful stones. Some score higher on BS (like Superbcert) other can show less light leakage (like 8* or new A Cut Above) but it doesn't mean that you will like one over another.

Yes 8* like stones scores lower with BS but it doesn make them less beautifull just different.

You might also prefer not very "ideal" cut stone just because it will be cheaper bigger and no one can tell the difference.

Educate yourself, look at different stones and make your own decision. Look at Hearts on Fire diamonds at your local dealer to get an idea how ideal cut diamonds look like. Also try to find 8* dealer in your area. See whether you can detect a difference. Then compare prices for similar stones in the internet and you’re ready to go.
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