Finding the right cut

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Mar 4, 2003
I am looking for a .5-.65 round, VS1-SI1, F-H
with a quality cut set in a 3-stone ring with
.17 or .20 side stones.

Visited a H&A dealer and was impressed by
the patterns through the firescope
but when viewing the stone away from the
desk, it appeared a little cold- almost too
perfect/ icy.

I want the diamond to have a warmth
and a sparkle- maybe more fire?

What specs are most important as far as the
cut for that? pavilion/ crown? I''m all new to

Also, any recommendations for trustworthy
dealers in So. Ca. (SF valley?)

Or, if I get it on the web, would I just plug in
numbers- how do you choose then?

Thanks everyone.



Oct 30, 2002
Warmth could be construed as fire I suppose, but when you say warmth I think of the color of the stone. Do you know what the color was of the H&A you were looking at?

H&A are considered by some to be one of the 'cream of the crop' types of stones, if its a true H&A. So if you are looking for a stone that is well cut, you will want something along the lines of an excellent symmetry stone such as an H&A or A Cut Above H&A ( or SuperbCert H&A ( In my opinion, cut is the most important thing you can look for in a stone, along with wanting it to look good to your eyes!

The SuperIdeal/H&A stones for the most part combine a nice blend of fire, scintillation and brilliance along with their excellent symmetry (the hearts and arrows you see under a viewer). If you are looking for more fire inside your stone than brilliance or scint, you may want to consider a stone with a slightly steeper crown angle than the regular 34.5 degrees. However, finding stones by crown angle can be difficult online as there is no real search tool that lets you search by a steeper or shallower crown angle, and the Pscope 'excellent cut' engine only searches for TIC excellent cut stones (TIC used in this context as similar to H&A...with the good 'blend' of the fire/scint/brilliance) as opposed to FIC stones (fiery ideal cut) or BIC stones (brilliant ideal cut--not what you would want because the diamond faces up more white than a FIC or TIC--my stone is like this).

If you are talking WARMTH however, to me that means more color in the stone. It's possible to get an excellent cut stone with a slight tinge of warmth to the color, so you may want to look at the H/I/J H&A/SuperIdeal stones as opposed to the D/E/F if they are too icy. Without knowing more about the H&A you viewed, I can't really say if it was the color you thought was too icy or the cut that was too perfect (?!).

Hope this babbling post helps a bit!
Glad to see you got posting!!


Jan 23, 2003
I agree 100% with Mara. Probably you felt the diamond was 'cold' because of a high color grade. Ask the jeweler if it has any H to K color stone... A comparison would be very helpful!
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