Finally - Red Green and Blue Diamonds


Apr 30, 2005
Yesterday I got a Red diamond.
Finally I have a pure Red, Green and Blue diamond, and toss in a few others to fill out the rainbow.
My goal has always been Red, Green and Blue since they are the primary colors for mixing light - all other colors can be made from them.
Reds just don't come along often, especially with no secondary modifying hue.

All the rocks have color of natural origin per GIA, even the Green which often cannot be determined, even by GIA.

My tiny collection is always changing with some going back and new ones added.
Everything came from Leibish, and they've been wonderful.
Photographing some colors is difficult for even the most competent and honest photographer with the best equipment.
Leibish understands you really have to see the color in person to be sure you like it so they are understanding about accepting returns/exchanges, subject to their policies of course.
This helps a lot with buying-decision-anxiety for these costly little guys.

Here's a link to the thread in Pricescope's Colored Stones forum with some pics of the changing collection over time - but the Red was just added last night.
Pics of it, and the current version of the menagerie, start on page 3.


I do have one regret which taught me a lesson.
On Rocky Talk it's all about cutting for light performance, and rightly so for white diamonds.
I carried that bias into my FCD journey, and wish I hadn't.
Leibish sold me a Fancy Deep Blue emerald cut diamond, and told me the color was one in a zillion!!!
While the deep sapphire color itself was fantastic, it didn't have the light performance I was brainwashed to expect from my RT white diamond mentality.
I sent it back and now I deeply regret it (pardon the pun), especially since prices have gone up so much just.
Of course it was quickly gobbled up by someone smarter than I.

FCDs are all about the color itself and cut and clarity take a back seat if you want that rare color.
Unlike with white diamonds, there are just so few samples to pick from.
Of course if you had two otherwise-identical FCDs to pick from (but one had better cut for light performance) I'd get the better cut - but two identical diamonds in rare colors almost never are available at the same time.

I'm into macro photography and like using loose FCDs as props.
I'll be adding more pics in the future and when I do I'll bump this thread but please do not respond in this thread here on Rocky Talk.
That would be cross posting which is not allowed here since it would require readers follow more than one thread.
If you want to post anything, including your suggestions for future changes to the Rainbow Collection, please do so in the thread in the link.
Thanks for reading the narcissistic ramblings of this hopeless Fancy Colored Diamond fanatic. :wavey:
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