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Finally pulled the trigger,please let me know what you think


Sep 11, 2016
Diamond :

Setting :

Total : $8330 / budget was $7000k ( went a lil over lol ) . Would of liked a 1.25 diamond and then flirted with getting a really nice 1.0 ct , and just decided to go the 1.20 route .

Thanks to those who have helped .

I was not able to receive is image ( should I be concerned ) ?

I was recommend to request it when it arrives to New York before being placed in setting ?

Only thing that has me worried has been the I color , if someone can give me a peace of mind that it will be ok it would be thankful .

Any feedback that you guys and gals can provide on this purchase please feel free to let me know , even though this has been a really cool process learning about diamonds and ect , it has really been a journey to save up for this ring and I want to make sure I made the right overall purchase and that it's the best value for my budget . If you guys notice anything you think is off or wrong please let me know .

Thank you in advance !



Aug 8, 2005
Re: Finally pulled the trigger,please let me know what you t

I like the stone. The setting is not to my personal taste. But if that's what the wearer wanted, then I am sure it will make them happy.
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