Favors... arggghhhh

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Oct 12, 2006
My mother has become favors OBSESSED!!!

I am trying really hard not to get upset.. cuz frankly.. I dont care about favors... Fi and I have picked two... Krispy Kremes and a Cd... my mom wanted Jordan almonds.. ok.. fine... I can handle that..

lastnight.. she went wacko.. apparently she had found a catalog that had some cool stuff (her opinion.. most def. NOT mine)... and she wanted it all.. so here is the run down...

1. Cd''s
2. Krispy Kreme''s to be handed out as guests leave
3. Jordan almonds (only five per guest)
4. Votive candles at every place seating
5. bell''s at every place seating (for kissing!)
6. rose petal cones on every seat at the reception for toss when future hubby and I exit
7. bubbles at the ceremony...
8. (yes.. I said 8!!) Bowls of mints scattered all throughout the reception

Now.. dont get me started on the fact that she wants everyone to blow bubbles while future hubby and I walk down the aisle after we are married.. (um.. who wants big bubble stains on their dress right before sunset pictures? raise your NO) and dont get me started on the fact that the bottles of bubbles she picked look like TEST TUBES!!!
Its gonna look like we are running a high school chemistry experiment out on the beach!

and as much as I told her that it was all just too much.. and a waste of money.. she said (and I quote).. "you just hush.. you need to take advantage while I''m payin for stuff" grrrrr

I made her SWEAR to me today that if it all looked too busy.. that we wouldnt use them all...

I''m currently in Favor hell!!!

Tacori E-ring

Aug 15, 2005
Haha. I wasn''t going to do favors. Seemed like a waste of money to me but it must be a mom thing. We agreed on dark chocolate that is shaped like cupid (I figured, hey at least people can eat it!) also they were from a lcoal company so I like helping out the little guy. I put them in mini black bags and closed them with white wax with a "m". We just went to a wedding and they had really nice hot chocolate. It was the first wedding favor I was ever really excited about. Votive, bells, picture frames....I probably wouldn''t take them.


Jul 25, 2004
When I was looking at favors, so many of them seemed like a waste of money. I know that most favors I get at weddings end up in the trash or put in a box somewhere never to be found. So for my wedding, since people insisted that we have favors, I went with Hershey bars with our names, etc. on them. They were really cute, people loved them, and I know that they did not end up in the trash! And the outside wrappers didn''t all go to waste either! They seem to have ended up in people''s photo albums, scrapbooks, etc.

Plus, I have all the extras to eat hehehe....


Sep 10, 2004
I cant say I think of all of those things as favors, but it all is a bit much and competing. Bubbles and roses at the same time... Donuts, almonds, mints and candles all to take... plus, your guests will need to pack whatever they dont use to take home in their suitcases.

I think you need to decide what you would really like to have and tell your mom. These are my personal opions on what is listed (hope i dont offend):

I am a big fan of edible favors (you eat it and thats it!), so i like the donuts, almonds and mints, but think its a little much to have all three. I''d do the donuts and maybe have bowls of mints or almonds sitting on like the cake table, but not packaged in a favor type way... just a bowl and a spoon. So thats only 1 favor in my mind.

I have 2 votive candle favors from a friends wedding sitting on my desk at home collecting dust. They are cute, but thats about it. The candles dont really smell, so I havent felt like burning them and I would feel bad for throwing them away, so almost 3 years later, there they sit collecting dust.

Also not a big fan of the "make the happy couple kiss" traditions, so i dont like the kissing bells. Maybe its because the weddings I have gone to where they have done this, the couple went waaaay overboard and there was totally inappropriate tongue action... haha... anyways...

Bubbles... dont really think of them as favors. We had them and I love our pics with everyone blowing them at us. I didnt get stains on my dress and we used the ones that look like test tubes. I dont remember anyone making comments about them, but they were cheaper and less was wasted, although you still didnt use all that was in the container. With a nice little bow on top, i didnt think they looked that bad, but if you see a test tube, you see a test tube!

Rose petals... again, dont think of them as a favor. I think these make for nice pics too. If you are worried about stains on your dress and having things that look like test tubes, this may be the way to go if you want people to throw things at you.

As for the CD, I will at least listen to it once, but if i dont like it, i probably wont listen to it again and it may just be something I feel I have to keep around because you made it and gave it to me.

I hope that helped you!


Jan 25, 2005
Those do sound like a lot. We had bubbles at the ceremony so people could blow them when we walked back down the aisle afterwards. Our favors were CDs and I can''t tell you how many people called to tell me how much they loved it and how much it was listened to. I am a big fan of CD favors. My SIL ended up doing the same thing when she got married and I still listen to their CD a year and a half later. As for votive candles...I still have one from a wedding I went to 7 years ago. Haven''t burned it because they wrapped it up so prettily with tuille and flowers...but I really need to just use it and not keep packing it every time I move! The edible items...they can take with them or not....but I''m not a fan of the bells to encourage kissing. That''s what dinging on the glass is for...and it will happen less often if there aren''t bells to shake every 2 seconds.
The first 10 times are enough.


Sep 21, 2006
The Krispy Kreme''s are interesting. How are you going to hand those out? We did the jordan almond thing-my mom wanted them too. It must be a mom thing. Mine spent hours and hours making up these little bouquets-I never would have done it. I don''t even think people like them! I agree with you that is too much goin'' on. Have your mom watch an episode of Platinum Weddings and use some of their ideas-probably no bubbles or almonds on there.....


Nov 15, 2004
that seems like a lot. the krispy kreme idea is fun, I''ve seen other gals do it, you can get these boxes that fit two donuts in them.

mints - maybe just one bowl next tothe bar or something.

re bubbles, I got ones that don''t stain. It actually made for some great pics. the test tube ones aren''t as good, I used those at a friends wedding and they left this snot like residue on my DH''s suit.

we had votives at the tables, but we burned them, so they were decor not favors.

and CDs are fun. I have two from previous weddings and I still listen to them occasionally.

I had ONE bell per table as something to pass for the game to win the center piece.

talk to your mom and compromise. I''m sure you can work something out if you sound reasonable.


Feb 4, 2005
Ha! That''s pretty funny (sorry...)

At least she''s umm......involved


Feb 27, 2006
I think it''s pretty funny too. If you DID do all that, I almost think that you''d have to give them some sort of bag or basket to carry it all in -- I''m not sure that I could hold all of that at once otherwise!

You did give me an idea, though -- thanks! The florist I think I''m going to use threw in a complimentary toss bouquet into the final contract, which is really nice of her but I''m not doing a bouquet toss. Maybe I can negotiate complimentary toss petals instead.


May 16, 2006
well, she''s paying for them, so why not (unless you hate the idea, like the bubbles hehe)

i personally like favors--i am a details nut, so i am having welcome pkgs (wine, first-aidish items, gum, a treat and weekend activity info) for each couple when they check-in to the hotel,at the reception I have a ''candy-buffet'' with monogram wax bags, and I made my own pure vanilla extract which is in a little bag with a recipe and will be attached to the table names for each guest.

I may be going over-board like your mom, but at least the items are somewhat useful ;-)

Maybe tell her she can keep her favorite 3 or something and see how that goes over.
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