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Excellent Experience with Martin Sheffield @ USA Certed Diamonds

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Jan 22, 2008

I was in the market for a round brilliant when I met Martin Sheffield @ USA Certed Diamonds. At the time, I was armed with some basic knowledge about round brilliants. During our initial consultation, Martin spent about an hour with me to further educate me about the factors that contribute to a diamond’s beauty and cost and as well as how diamonds are certificated and verified. Martin helped me decide which of the 4 C’s of diamonds were most important to me. Then Martin did a search across all of USA and Canada for diamonds matching my criteria. We narrowed it down to a few, and Martin immediately contacted the sellers for copies of the certificates as well as put the diamonds on hold for me.

After our initial consultation, I did my own research to verify the information learned from Martin. Very quickly, I confirm that Martin was a legitimate authority on diamonds. I concluded that if you want to get the best diamonds for your money, USA Certed Diamonds could provide.

Over the next few days Martin emailed me more new to the market diamonds matching my criteria. One particular diamond captured my attention and Martin put it on hold immediately. Martin’s quick response guaranteed that this diamond would be mine (after putting it on hold, the seller received many inquiries about that diamond so I was happy that Martin acted fast). I put a deposit on the diamond, and it arrived within a few days.

When I picked up the diamond, Martin proved that the diamond matched the diamond certificate via physical measurement (weight, diameter, etc), microscope view, hearts and arrows viewer, and color comparison. I left Martin’s office, diamond in hand, certain that I had purchased a very beautiful diamond.

Martin was extremely professional and he made doing business with him an absolute pleasure. Martin is very trustworthy and is only satisfied when you are satisfied. I highly recommend anyone in the market for diamonds to consult with Martin before making a purchase.



Jul 10, 2008
I too had a great experience with and Martin Sheffield. I have posted about my experience before, so I will keep this short. But let me just say, he is polite, thorough, patient, and informed. I was very nervous purchasing online, but he made the whole process as smooth as possible. He found me a GIA triple excellent, beautiful stone that matched what I was looking for, and at an amazing price. Nobody was priced as low as him. I got a great deal and great diamond. I will definitely use usacerteddiamonds for my next diamond purchase.
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