Evaluate this 2.07 E SI2 Pear

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Jun 8, 2003

Hello out there.I am new to this forum, but wish I had found you sooner.I recently purchased a new diamond when I found a buyer for my old one.I think I am somewhat educated on diamonds (as compared to most folks), but from what I''ve been reading here, I sure have a lot to learn.I have been questioning my own sanity regarding my purchase and would like some input.

I have been purchasing jewelry at jewelry shows for years, and have always found them to be fun and quite interesting.Purchasing a diamond, however, proved to be more stressful than I anticipated.

My new stone is as follows:
-EGL certified, 2.07 ct pear diamond
-Color E
-Clarity SI2
-Measurements 11.48 x 6.84 x 4.54 mm
-Depth 66.4
-Table 54.0
-Crown 14.5
-Pavilion 44.5
-Girdle medium to slightly thick faceted
-Polish good to very good
-Symmetry good
-Fluorescence medium blue
-Culet none
-Purchase price $7,600

The clarity of this stone is better than I would normally expect for this clarity grade.I believe it received the SI2 because of a small feather near the girdle, which is now hidden under a prong of the setting.Other than that, it has few small white pinpoints, none of which are under the table.I was focusing on a great color since my old stone was an "I" in color, which I found annoying for more than 10 years.

The length/width ratio of 1.67 is slightly longer than I had hoped for (I like 1.60 the best), but I was lead to believe that as long as it is between 1.50:1 and 1.75:1, it is still considered excellent.The depth of this stone is what I find most concerning.Is this stone so deep that I am losing most of the brilliance?Finding a beautiful 2 ct pear and keep it within my price range was a big challenge.Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Diamond Lil



Jan 23, 2003
Hi Diamondlil and welcome!

Unfortunately, it's very hard to evaluate a fancy shaped diamond without seeing it.The numbers you posted sound very good --no extra large table, shallow or overly deep pavilion. As you noted, the depth is a bit high though.
It looks like you're pleased with the clarity and with the color. The price, if grades are correct, is good.
Now, try to answer this question honestly... Before knowing all about numbers, angles, percentages and so on, were you pleased with your diamond? This is all that matters. You've got a big diamond (which looks even bigger because of the shape), of high color, good clarity and sounds eye clean at a very nice price!! Now, is this enough for you, or you think you can do better If you're not 100% pleased, return it if you can, or use it for a trade-in or sell it on consignement and start looking for a perfect diamond. BTW, I don't think you'll find it at this price.

Does it show some bowtie effect?


Jun 8, 2003
Hello Giangi. Thanks for the insight. You are absolutely right. Learning more about the numbers, angles, percentages, etc., was giving me a case of buyer's remorse. It has since settled down, and I am really enjoying the compliments I receive on my truly beautiful stone. I'll have my computer-geek sweetheart help me with posting a photo.

As far as the bowtie, I don't think I have seen a pear or marquise without at least a hint of one. Mine is minimal and only appears in certain light. Is the bowtie more aparent the deeper the stone?

Also, I have an appointment with my appraiser at the end of this month for verification of the EGL specifics as well as a final insurance appraisal. The seller provided me with an appraisal that Chubb accepted, but I always like a third-party confirmation on a large purchase such as this. I have been reading that EGL can be a little soft in their assessments. My eyes (through my own loupe) tell me the grading is correct, but we'll find out soon enough.

Thanks again,
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