Engagement Ring Sapphire


Aug 18, 2011
I am planning on proposing to my girlfriend in December of this year, so I have been doing research into rings and gemstones here on pricescope. She wants a colored stone, so my search has been focusing on sapphires. I recently purchased a 1.67 ct unheated purple / pink sapphire to look at in person. It is the first one I have seen outside of jewelry shops and therefore in natural lighting conditions. The clarity and cut of the stone is really nice. The color changes from purple in daylight to pink in incandescent. In full daylight or incandescent it is really stunning. My only worry is that it can look a bit grey in indirect lighting, but I'm not sure if that is common in sapphires in general or a downside to this particular stone. I attached some photos to this post with different lighting conditions labelled. As for the setting I came across the MaeVona Rousay design and think it is perfect, so I am looking for a round stone to fit it. My girlfriend is an architect, so a modern and interesting design is important. I photoshopped the vendor image of the stone into a photo of the Rousay, the color in real life is obviously not the same as that, but still interesting as a test. I would appreciate any opinion on the color saturation of the sapphire and any other advice you think would help a novice like me out.


Mar 18, 2009
Hi Atog, welcome to PS. I'm not an expert, but I have a peach sapphire that is a color shifter and turns bright pink inside at night. I've decided to keep it because it's so unique. Your stone reminds me a little of mine.

If you GF is very particular, I would suggest that you consider proposing to her with the stone in a plain setting, and then working with her to pick a setting together before your wedding. I wish my husband had done this for me. I've been married for 10+ years, and I finally reset the original stone into a new setting, but I was still limited by the wedding band I already had.
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