Engagement Ring Advice (found a loose stone, open to others)


Feb 6, 2011
Hey PriceScopers,

I am in the process of buying an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I am planning to spend about $2000 total so I was hoping to keep the cost of the rock under $1700. I want to put it in a white gold setting. I have already read several forums on here and some other sites and decided on the following criteria:

Budget: $1700
Cut: Ideal (possibly Excellent?)
Clarity: I1 or better
Color: I or better (would consider J)
Carats: maximize based on budget
Cert: AGS

There were several other factors I considered, but I'll keep this short since you guys know much more than I do.

Anyway, I found this diamond here on PriceScope ( and was wondering what you guys thought of it, or if you had any other recommendations. It is Ideal, VS1, I, .57 carat.

PriceScope has already been a ton of help in my search and I would appreciate any other advice you can offer. Thanks!
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