engagement ring advice? fluorescense?

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May 23, 2003
I need some advice and it seems there are many knowledgable people out there. I''m about to make the big purchase on a diamond engagement ring. Of course, I''ve done my homework, but one question remains- fluorescence. I know I can buy a stone that fluoresces for much less than one that does not.

I have made up my decision on what I want. Most critical to me is cut, the polish/symmetry and color. So, my stone will be Ideal Cut, D-F Color, Ex/EX polish/symmetry, and a Clarity in the VS. Weight will be about .75 carats. This will be set in a solitaire setting (a wrap with side stones will be added later.)

Considering the cut, color and polish I''m going for, the stone will be brilliant and clear, and I wouldn''t want those characteristics compromised.

So, the big question is, how will fluorescence affect this stone?

I don''t care what the industry values, but it is a benefit to me to buy a stone for less because of fluorescence. Also, if it gives it that a special "trait," so much the better as long as it doesnt comprimise the fire. I think the idea of fluorescence is cool.

Ultimately, my future fiance and I will love any stone, but I would appreciate any advice on the matter.

I currently live in Hawaii, and she is coming to visit in 2 weeks. What better place to propose?

Thanks to all..


Dec 31, 1999
Jp1k, welcome to the forum

Shortly put, it is not recommended to buy diamonds that look oily or milky in the day light because of very strong fluorescence.

Otherwise, GIA study a few years ago showed no effect of fluorescence on the diamond appearance.

Some people even like it since it makes the diamond unique and you can see blue glow in the dark room with UV light.

We had many discussions here about fluorescence. You can run a search on this board for this word.

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