Emerald, Princess and Round oh my...

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Feb 9, 2009
First post as I'm beginning to heavily research an upcoming e-ring (I'm a newbie, but I'm trying to pick up on the local lingo

While I've spent some time with this site's tutorials and other online resources, my 'offline' research begins in earnest today. I'll be meeting with one of the internet vendors who also has a brick and morter location here in Chicago. My main goal from today's visit will be to actually SEE some of the things I've been reading about. Some of the things I'm particularly interested in seeing for myself:
* The differences in a D/E/F diamond vs. an I/J/K.
* Flouresence and its impact on color
* The differences between an VS1/VS2 and an S1/S2 and the difference b/w an S1/S2 and an S3/I.
* I'd also like to see a range of spreads/carats

If the above isn't clear, I guess I'm still kind of sorting through the key decision points at this time as I try and figure out where I sit w/r/t weighing Size vs. Quality as it pertains to cost. If I'm being honest, I'm a bit skeptical of the entire diamond trade and particularly so when it comes to the proprietary cuts and the visible differences on some of the 4 c's. That is balanced by my romantic side which wishes to find a ring that is as incredible as my girlfriend within the price parameters that i've set.

OK, so now that you know the background...
What advice does the forum have as I entire the lions den? Anything in particular I should be looking for at the B&M location? How should I think about the differences b/w an Internet vendor on this site vs. Bluenile vs. a local jeweler?


Jul 25, 2005
I hope it's Dimend Scaasi so you get to see the Infinity princess cuts!

The SI3 grade does not exist for GIA and AGS. It's really a way of saying a top tier I1.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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