Emerald Cut - A value or a rip off?

Discussion in 'RockyTalky' started by STEPHANE00, Oct 9, 2001.

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    Oct 4, 2001
    by STEPHANE00 » Oct 9, 2001
    First, I want to thank all of you in helping me what I found to be a great emerald cut diamond. I hope...I spent the time reading your letters and referred information on the web. I went to the city and visited 6 jewelers, 1 of which was a friend's "family " jeweler. After spending the day shopping and seeing about 20 or so diamonds and gathering my info I soon became aware of the going rate of the type of stone I wanted. I had unfortunately found the 2 CT to be the most attractive because of both the size and the idea of the number 2. Stupid as it may seem I purchased on at the end of the day. I found what I believe to be a good buy and a beautiful stone. Its appearance is great. It had the following specs.carat 2,color I, clarity VS2, GIA, table 72,depth 70.9,girdle EXTN-TN, polish VG, symmetry G, length 8.3,width 6.26, lxw ratio 1.33I ended up getting a setting as well in the "deal". A platinum setting with the two tapered baguettes on either side total CT .4.The stone is very clean and even under loupe is still hard to find the little feather. I did now at home notice the GIA report to list an extra facet, shown ever so lightly on the picture of the stone on the top view on the width side, specifically the last (bottom facet on the short sided facet. I never noticed it looking at the stone. It also lists an Indented Natural. Again I never noticed it under the loupe.I was very meticulous in data collection while viewing the 20 or so stones. I charted all the pertinent data on a spread sheet while inspecting the stones. After compiling my notes I am in a way second guessing the price vs. quality and would love someone more familiar than I to asses my purchase and give me a warning if needed, so that I may do the right thing if time is still available to me. I like the stone very much and it will look beautiful when mounted, it was a clean stone and a beautiful hand made setting. I ended up setting the price at 9500 all included.I appreciate this bulletin board and want to really thank the people who contribute.


  2. jamesd

    Feb 8, 2001
    by jamesd » Oct 9, 2001
    SOunds as though you've done a careful job of shopping and ended up with a diamond you'll enjoy for many years. Congratulations!
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