Ear Piercing Help


Feb 8, 2003
4ever|1308520223|2949692 said:
Hawaiianorangetree - Take her to a good, reputable piercer and tell her or him exactly what you have told us. They will have the best and most up to date advice, even if that advice is not to re-pierce or to wait longer.

As for cleaning, I'd wait to here what the piercer thinks is best - the perceived "best" way to clean piercing is changing all the time. When I was getting piercings the idea was to rotate piercing and clean with almond oil and a touch of tea tree to keep it moist and kill the bacteria - most of my piercings never healed properly and I ended up having to remove them. I took my friend recently to get a piercing and the new advice was to not touch it or clean it at all, but just "cup" the pierced appendage in you hand in the shower and just let the hot water soak it and remove the "crustiness". She has had no problems with it healing at all and I'm really jealous that I had to go through such drama and eventually removing them all and being left with ugly scars because of poor cleaning advice.

Yeah, my piercer said the same about the crustiness. He also said not to pick the stuff off that doesn't wash off. lol Sounds really gross, I know! He said that our lymph nodes are what are providing that and it protects from infection such as armor would do.
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