E Ring opinions/encouragement/reality check?


Sep 14, 2015
Hi all!
I'm a first time poster here, but other threads have been so informative I hope you guys can help out with some opinions :)

I've always wanted a vintage engagement ring, and my BF wants me to pick out exactly what I want (exciting!). The main challenge is budget--he hasn't been specific, and he says he wants to buy me whatever I want within reason (read: under 5 or 6k) but I know a far more reasonable budget is under 3k or, ideally, under 2k. It's much more important to me to be respectful of his finances than to stretch the budget; I just could never feel good knowing that it was a strain for him to buy something for me.

Anyway, all that aside, I did find a ring I really like very much in budget. He ordered it, and the plan is to take it to a jeweler who knows vintage jewelry immediately after it arrives since it's under the Ruby Lane 3 day return policy (and it'll need to go down a size anyway if we decide to keep it). We live in the Bay Area so we're lucky enough to have a few knowledgeable jewelers around. That said, I've worried about it pretty much endlessly since we actually ordered it :doh: --I think it looks authentic and approximately like what's described--but I seriously cannot stop worrying that it's somehow a scam, or it's been misrepresented or whatever.

Is the price too good to be true? Does it look like it's being faithfully represented? Am I being paranoid?
Conversely, if you think we should put it right back in the mail the second it arrives, where would you look for early 20th c. jewelry (especially featuring European or Old Mine cuts) under 3k?

Link to the Ruby Lane posting.

Thank you for reading my epic of ring anxiety!!


Sep 19, 2012
Hit report concern and get this thread moved to Rocky Talk, you'll get more responses there.

You said you need it sized, how much of a size difference are we talking?
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