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Down to 2 stones

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Apr 17, 2003
I''m looking at two stones and I was hoping for some helpful guidance.

The first is:
F/VS2/AGS0/1.69ct stone.
Diam.: 7.68mm
Table: 54%
Depth: 62.3%
Crown: 35deg
Pav.: 41.2deg
Very clean table, and nice light return (although HCA=3.6).

The second is:
E/VS2/AGS0/1.63ct stone.
Diam.: 7.60mm
Table: 54%
Depth: 61.6%
Crown: 34.8deg
Pav.: 40.7deg
Table not as clean, but great symmetry and light return (HCA=1.2).

I essence, both stones are the same price. The first (slightly larger) is down one color (E to F) and has a cleaner table. The second (to which I''m leaning) is smaller, but whiter and brighter. The second costs about $250 bucks more.

Does the size difference matter much here? I can tell the difference, but only when lining them up directly next to one another.

Also, is one more of a deal than the other?

I''m confused, please help!


Jan 22, 2003
I"m assuming the 2nd one is eye-clean. If so, I'd definitely opt for the 2nd. The superior light return should more than make up for the slightly smaller size.


Oct 30, 2002
I vote for the second. There is a reason that the second stone is more $$, its because it most likely has a much better cut than the first. Sacrifice the .06c of weight that no one will even notice anyway, and get the better color and better cut. VS2 graded by AGS0 should be 100% eye clean, so if you are looking at the stone under a loupe to see the messy table, keep in mind that is not how people see it in real life. Since both are VS2, in my mind, that isn't even a factor in the decision. The difference is in the HCA scores, the first stone is a tad bit deep with a smaller table. The second stone has a much better HCA score and dimensions.

In the end, I would definitely go for the second stone. A well cut stone shines brighter and looks bigger than a non well-cut stone. Confirm that the VS2 clarity in second stone is 100% eye clean, and you are done!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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