Don''t buy VS2

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May 24, 2002
I went into the store that has my dream setting today, my second time. Just wanted to go back and have a squiz. Emerald cut centre stone with 4 baguettes down each side getting smaller and smaller.

I wouldn't buy from these guys cause the stone is way out of my league. Anyway the guy is telling me that the GIA report is not all that important in the long run, he had GIA certs for all his stuff.

I told him I wanted a G VS2 stone. He exclaimed that they don't sell quality that low and that I should only be buying VS1. He said that VS2 will always show feathers and pinpoints. I said I didn't mind pinpoints or inclusions to the side of the table. He said I would never find a stone that had inclusions near the sides of the stone - interesting.

I also went into Bvlgari cause I saw some stones in the window. I tried on an emerald cut that had trademark doubled ended Y that you see inside the bottom of emerald cuts that links the steps horizontally and vertically. More like like a and open rectangle. But this stone was not a square cut emerald, it was a rectangular shape. I put my finger underneath the stone and nearly fell of the chair. I could see right through it. There was a $56k price tag on it. Such a pity that such a reputable name is selling rubbish.

Anyway any thoughts on the VS2/VS1 debate??????

I am getting closer to knowing what LTW ratio I want now. I certainly know the setting, that part was easy.

So I think I need ;

Emerald Cut
2.20 - 2.30cts
Class 2B
With 8 baguettes totally about .90pts , four on each side tapering down in width.

Centre stone basket set with four claws and the baguettes channel set coming down from the support of the basket.

Any comments on whether I should do four thick claws, French claws (think this will expose the ends), or split claw. Keeping in mind I slightly chipped my RB which was set in 4 claws.

Just waiting for the right time to contact or DBOF. has got a 1.40ct HVS2 ltw 1.4325 that catches my eye. Now only if I could turn that into a 2.20ct GVS2...hahah
Depth is 75 - a 3B and table is 69 - a 2B, the rest 1A. isn't that a little bottom heavy?



Sep 8, 2001
I have a VS2 1.80 round stone. You can not see any inclusions whatsoever. They are just trying to make you spend more $$$$$$$$$$$$$.
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