Do you feel this country is crumbling?


Jul 30, 2021
It's really easy for everyone to point the finger at 'others' as the source of all the problems in today's society and it feels good to revel in righteous indignation at all the 'idiots' on the other side.

Reality is more complicated.

Anger is not the solution. Things will not improve until we, collectively, all of us, seek common ground & return to the basics of civilization. Civility, kindness, empathy, compassion, tolerance---essentially we need to revisit the lessons learned in kindergarten.


Jun 27, 2014
It's especially easy when there are mountains of documentary evidence to back it up, all the way up to harmful public policies reflecting it. Video also helps it's reflection in everyday life. It's an almost impossible task to come together when large percentage of one group thinks that means capitulating to their demand at the expense of the whole because that is how it has always been. Whittled public policy also reflects this. When a large percentage of one group refuses to even contemplate the history or circumstance that brought us to where we are, or protects the very things that undermine compassion and tolerance and civility. You only need to look at our tiered justice system and reticence to adopt and expand social policy that benefits all to see it.
There is no other. There is only us.
Only us.
This is going to be painful for some, and even more so, for others. If we are to survive as a nation we don't have a choice to not accept our share of burden. And honest share of blame.
History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes, as Sam said. We need to acknowledge it. And teach our children well.


Oct 2, 2014
Quick reply as I'm at work: The country has become intensely divided not to mention overrun with all kinds of weird and horrible ideas. I think much of it comes down to the internet, which in my opinion is polluting the social sphere with a constant stream of virtual sewage. Thanks to the sheer proliferation of platforms, people with crazy ideas can all get together virtually and encourage/reinforce each other. Mainstream platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook provide ways for people to let their bad sides out for a run, but there are also chatrooms and websites for every conceivable kink and weirdness. I'm taking about horrible stuff, not consenting adults with toy whips. Then there's the Dark Web, and don't get me started on what online pawn has done to men's view of women, especially young ones.

The point is, the internet allows horrendous views and terrible, crazy ideas to spread like wildfire, and I think the effect on society is profound and tragic. Juries are made up of ordinary people who are consuming all this garbage, or if not directly consuming it, may be influenced by it via social osmosis.

The internet is destroying our society, imo.


Jun 14, 2020
All they need to do is stop oppressing....

I like your enthusiasm!

Unfortunately the list of people that feel oppressed never ends, rich/poor, black/white, brown/black, educated/loweducated, religion/religion, ect., etc. And in reality societies that are set up for true equality never seem to work out.


Feb 8, 2016
One problem this country has is that it’s way too reactionary to problems. Take how we’ve handled covid precautions and not learning from last year’s winter surge and scientific evidence of waning antibodies. Still hemming and hawing on how strict to be.

I like this mock up of our likely game plan to tackle climate change (from the Colbert show). Remember a few years ago when there was the popular doubt that climate change was even real? Now after all the wildfires and extreme temps and it actually affecting people’s daily lives, the consensus from the government is basically only “we’ll try harder.”
“Enhance ambition” from a recent summit of world leaders about climate change.



Jul 24, 2003
It is sad what the U.S. has come to now. We sit by and let groups of thugs just come in stores and take whatever they want and nobody stops them as they walk right out (walk, not run). I know people say well stores have insurance for that, so it's ok. NOOO, it's not ok. You have Police and security for a reason, let them do their job. We pay higher prices for letting thieves take what ever they want. All we are doing is sending a STRONG message that you can go in and take anything from from a store with no repercussions. It's stores now, next it will be our homes, cars, etc. because our society is too damn weak. Everyone is afraid they might hurt someone's feelings. Bullsh!! I say you do the crime face the consequences, let security do their job and if you butt gets shot for stealing, that's on you. Be human, not a an animal.

Ok, rant over, it just irks me to no end that we are so worried about hurting someone's feelings or afraid it will become a race issue if we try to enforce the law
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