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Feb 11, 2003
Does anyone have any exprience with their "Best Cut" diamonds. Most of them are GIA so it give no angles. My question is, are their "Best Cuts" actually that. Do the majority of them score well on the TCA? Basically how reliable is their clasification of "Best Cut", what are the requirements for their "Best Cut"

Thanks, and I will now stop quoting best cut.


Feb 22, 2003
I corresponded with DCD, but I don't think the diamond I asked about was listed like you mentioned. I got GIA cert info from them on one I was interested in. I emailed back for the Sarin and they got me that info too. When I plugged it into the HCA, it came out over 2 and was a recommended buy if the price was right. I was dealing with another vendor on an H&A and decided to go that way instead.


Oct 30, 2002
From what I have read on here, DCD is pretty reputable. The classification of a stone into Best/Premium/Ideal etc is always tricky, as once you have someone who is even partially educated on the 4c's, they know that you are selling them a marketing line. However, from what I have read and seen on their site, they do a pretty decent job of trying to classify stones so that the average user does not get intimidated and can find something in their budget.

That said, be a smart consumer and ask DCD for the Sarin report. I was working with them when we were looking, was close to buying from them in fact...and they got me a Sarin on the stone I was considering, a closeup of the GIA cert, etc. But they could not produce a picture or closeup of the stone which concerned me as I was looking at an SI1 and wanted to be sure it was 100% eye clean. In the end, we bought offline, but they were great to work with, and prompt on emails.

Get more info from them, they will give it to you. If they don't...walk away and keep looking. There are too many vendors around who DO supply you with the basics to make that educated purchase to waste your time with one who won't. Good luck!!!


Dec 9, 2002
Mara's advice is very good....... there are 10000000000000 of diamonds out there.....
find the perfect one for you....otherwise you'll eat your nails for many years after purchase.!!



Sep 29, 2002
Zach -

I just purchased two "best cut" diamonds from DCD. I was searching many of the reputable vendors reference here for over a month until I found the two I finally bought. Like you, when I decided I was interested in the stones, I asked DCD for a copy of the AGS certs so that I could get the Sarin info. Both diamonds scored in the range of 1.5 to 1.6 for the HCA. (The diamonds passed my first test. ) Because I want to actually see something before I fork out thousands of dollars, I had DCD ship both stones to an appraiser local to me. I got to look at them and the appraiser got to assess them. The final assessment was that I was paying $2563 for something worth $3500. Not bad!!

My advise is keep looking for your perfect stone across all the reputable vendors. Once you think you found "your" stone, have the vendor ship it to a local appraiser so you can look at it.

Good luck!
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