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Jun 18, 2002
To anyone who is searching local jewelry stores for a diamond, I recommend you stop wasting your time. I spent a couple of weeks browsing stores near my, and realized (after seeing prices online) that they were overcharging by a whole lot! I decided to do some research on online sellers, to see if it was safe. The closest one to me was Dirt Cheap Diamonds ( After doing some research I saw that they had a GREAT reputation. I had a diamond sent to Martin Fuller for appraisal (before I bought it). He appraised it at almost 2 times what I was going to pay for it. After he confirmed that it was the one I had ordered, I wired the money to Dirt Cheap Diamonds, and walked out of the appraisers with my diamond.
I am VERY happy with my purchase. Dirt Cheap Diamonds was very helpful in locating the perfect diamond for me, well within my budget. I was looking at two diamonds that were very similar, except that one of them was 400$ more (and slightly better on paper). Jim took a look at both of them and said it was very hard to tell them apart. He recommended the cheaper of the two. Not your sterotypical businessman! The diamond I got was a great price, and is very beautiful. I can't wait to see it on my future fiances finger!

To anyone who looking for a diamond I highly recommend Dirt Cheap Diamonds. They were friendly, helpful, and honest. I was very nervous about purchasing online, but there were no problems whatsoever!

Happy hunting!


Dec 20, 2001
Congrats on your purchase!!! I love to hear happy stories! Can you post the specs on your new pretty? We love to see stuff like that! :love: Good luck on your proposal!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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