Dirt Cheap Diamonds. GREAT SERVICE!!!

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Oct 16, 2002
I purchased a great stone from Jim Shultz at Dirt Cheap Diamonds over 3 weeks ago. The stone was a great .84 H - VS1 6.2mm spread, that scored .2 on the Halloway cut advisor. After I ordered the stone from Jim I received it the next day. I had it appraised quickly and everything checked out. I didn't set the stone in the setting until about 3 weeks later. After having the stone set I picked up the ring and I liked it a lot but did not love it. After looking at it for a bit I realized the width of the setting and the begets on it made the center stone look small. Now I was getting very upset, because Jim has a one-week return policy posted on his site I contacted Jim and he reassured me he would try and help me out. That very same day I ordered a new larger stone, Jim overnighted it to me and I had it the next day. The next day turned out to be Wednesday the 27th (the night before turkey day and the night that my fiancé wants to go out and show off her new ring!!!) So I got it in the nick of time and went in town and had it set the same day! For all this Jim instructed me to send back the original and just pay the difference for the new larger stone. Plain and simple. He even did all this with no money up front. I must say that is some of the best service. I have ever received for anything in my life.
I just can't say enough about Jim at Dirt Cheap Diamonds, Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :)) :))


Oct 29, 2002
Ahhh, even men suffer from diamond shrinkage syndrome! It's not just us girls.

Congratulations on the bigger diamond. May I ask, what did you wind up with? Your gf will no doubt be touched by your thoughtfulness.

Thanks for the plug for DirtCheap, too. I've been looking on their site, good prices, but boy it scares me to death thinking of paying five digits up front!!!! Are my fears unnecessary?



Nov 18, 2002
that's a beautiful story -- it's so great that he was able to pull through aroudn the holidays like that!!! congrats! :))


Oct 30, 2002
Sans--if you are freaked out at the thought of sending off large amounts of $$ to some strange unknown online can also have DCD send the diamond off to an independent appraiser beforehand (you can look on the appraisers link at the top of the pricescope pages for some referrals), and get their information/reports back before purchasing the diamond. If you go to someone who can do all the lightscope/brilliantscope/ideal scope reporting, sarin reporting, and take the microphotographs of the diamond, then you can get all of this and essentially 'see' your diamond before purchasing. Nothing is like the REAL THING, but at least this way your mind might be a little more at ease. Also, the return policies give some sort of security blanketing as well.

We were heading down this path, working with both DCD and Diamond Wholesale who were both VERY helpful in answering my questions and giving me the info I sought, but in the end we were seduced by the beauty of a diamond in person at a B&M.

Good luck! :)


Oct 29, 2002
Thanks, Mara, that sounds like the way to go. Now I must justify the amount.



Dec 2, 2002

I lost my engagement diamond ring at the Asian
Farm supermarket store on Spadina Ave in Toronto

I searched the entire supermarket many times over
and feel strongly that someone may have picked it
up - would greatly appreciate if you could let me
know if you have seen it; or if someone has it,
would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly
provide encouragement for that person to call me
and return it for a generous reward.

Please see attachments for the appraisal and info
on the "fingerprint".

Please let me know your fax number and I can also
fax you the relevant information. Here is some info

"One ladies 18kt (stamped) white gold and diamond
ring containing one round brilliant cut diamond in
a 6-prong setting. The diamond, guaging approx
6.92-9.94 x 4.15 mm in diameter, is estimated to
weith approx. 1.22 cts, of:
clarity = SI2
colour = F
cut = Good
On the shoulders, there are 54 tapered baguette cut
diamonds and 10 round brilliant cut diamonds..."

This ring has enormous sentimental value to me, and
I am very and deeply sad...

Thank you very much and kind regards,

tel: +1.416.983.6551 or +1.416.897.8808
fax: +1.416.352.5508
email: [email protected]
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