Did you put any thought into your stamps?

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Jan 26, 2008
Date: 2/27/2009 12:17:32 PM
Author: jstarfireb
I was just going to use any old stamp, but then my mom found these hearts, which were perfect because my wedding color is sage green. They look greyish on the website, but they''re really a beautiful muted sage.

I used these sage green ones on my response cards, and the $0.59 cent ones (same design on a peach colored background) for the invites. My choices were cut down because of the extra postage necessary, but the "wedding hearts" design is pretty. There used to be more "Wedding-y" stamps, I thought...but I guess that all changed when postage went up?


Dec 14, 2007
Date: 2/27/2009 4:06:58 PM
Author: meresal
Date: 2/27/2009 3:57:52 PM
Author: Sparkalicious
Freke - They are perfect! I love them for you!!

We just went with the standart heart ones ... I think that the said ''love'' or something. The post office was busy and we just wanted to be done with it. Maybe for our invites we will figure out something more special to us.
Ditto, they are going to be perfect for your wedding!! And like the ''stigma'' that you talked about in your other thread, this is one of those ''touches'' that will let everyone know, this is definitely NOT going to be a ''Vegas Wedding''!!

The colors on the stamp are beautiful as well. Congrats no the awesome find! Did you order them for the Thank You''s as well?
Thanks Mere! I need to go weigh the mockup and see how much it''d cost at the current rate, and figure out stamps from there. I got 3 sheets of 20, and used 6 of them, so I still have 54 left to "play" with. There are only 17 invites, so I should have some left over...maybe. Maybe not...

Hmmm....Thanks for reminding me of the Meresal. I appreciate it.


Oct 20, 2007
Yes, we put thought into them. At the time there were some great stamps with a magnolia tree on the front. Our reception site had a magnolia tree out in front of it, and seeing a photo in a bridal magazine of a magnolia with a green ribbon tied around it is what stuck me to do green and white as wedding colours.

Not a lot of thought, admittedly, but it tied in well.

Freke, those are great stamps!


Jul 5, 2007
Yupp! We did the Love ones for our invites/responses because it was easy/cost effective (the invite ones are more expensive to go with the heavier letter).

For our Thank Yous, we went to the post office to get something nice, but the stamp prices had just increased and the PO only had ONE type of stamp. Yes, ONE. It was a triangle and I think had Ironclad battleships on it. I was not pleased - but the lady at the desk said that I was at least lucky my wedding had passed - a bunch of brides were pretty upset when they went to send out their invites and not only got battle ships, but the PO didn''t have ANY other stamps - so if you needed additional postage or postcard stamps, you were temporarily SOL.

For our STD cards, we had Prevent Family Violence. I remember DH and I standing at the post office stressing over it - we wanted whatever stamps were for a good cause, and the PFV ones fit the bill - but uh, the image was a little disturbing. I''ll attach.

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