Did I get a good Deal?

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Feb 1, 2003
Hi I was wondering if I got a good deal on this diamond? $6,049.00. Is the color J going to be very noticable? Will it take away from the beauty? Please Help. Thanks!

Carat weight: 1.24

Cut: Ideal

Color: J

Clarity: IF

Depth %: 60.7%

Table %: 57%

Symmetry: Good

Polish: Very good

Girdle: Thin to slightly thick, faceted

Culet: None

Fluorescence: Faint

Measurements: 6.92x7.02x4.23 mm


Oct 30, 2002
Are you setting the ring in platinum or yellow gold? A 'J' color diamond could be noticeably yellow depending on the stone...I have seen 'I' diamonds that look pretty white, but have seen other that are yellowish. My coworker has a I diamond and next to my G it looks very yellow. However that is when placed next to my G....and no one walks around with two stones next to each other (or if they do they are very lucky!). If you set the J in platinum, the yellow may be more noticeable to the naked eye when placed against such a white metal as plat. If you set in YG, it may house the yellow better and the whole ring may just look 'warmer'. It's your preference really.

BTW is this the BlueNile stone that I found while searching on Pricescope? Seems like you got a good deal, but the reason it seems cheaper is probably because of the J color.

That said...what was the thought process behind getting a J IF diamond? That seems to me to be the opposite ends of the spectrum on color and clarity. Why get an internally flawless stone when your eyes can humanly only see flaws in maybe a VS2 stone. It's debatable depending on your eyes but VS1 is *clean* and much cheaper. You almost always overpay for the IF stone also. So you have this IF stone..with a J color? Your perfectly flawless stone will look slightly yellow. Personally, I would have struck a better balance and gotten an H VS1 or similar for around $6300-7000. Ran this search on Pricescope with a table/depth similarity for an H VS1 and found the same carat wt and you have a noticeably whiter stone than a J. You may be thinking..well H is only 2 from J....but its two big jumps. The most noticeable color grades in my opinion are I and that is where things start to change. Everyone will have a diff opinion the end its all about your preference.

If you have chance to consider another stone or have not yet purchased this stone, I would suggest looking around a little more and comparing a few H stones to a J...I think you will see a difference. Compare a VS1 to a IF and you will see none unless you have a 40x mag glass and maybe not even then. Esp since you have not yet seen this stone as it's bought should compare in jewelry stores with your eyes to really SEE what a J looks like before you commit.

Also Blue Nile has a 30 day return policy so you can always get the stone and see what you think in person, take it into a few stores to compare against other colors. You may appreciate the warm color of the stone! Some people do not like the white iciness of a colorless/near.

Good luck!


Mar 28, 2001
crown/pavilion angles?


Jun 27, 2002
Although, the icier colors are rarer and more saught after.

Some people actually prefer the warmer,I-J colors,
prefering to capitalize on the savings, and max out on the size.

Kirk Konst


Jan 23, 2003
Out of curiosity... Why did you choose an IF with J color? Is clarity very important for you? As for the cut, do you happen to have crown and pavilon percentages/angles?

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