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May 6, 2003
I have heard that buying a diamond in Thailand will garner a three-fold return on re sale in the uk. Is this true?


Apr 29, 2003
I'm not sure how much diamonds are sold in UK, but I suspect like in US, there will be high end jewellers charging an arm and a leg as well as smaller ma&pa store giving you a decent deal.

The last time I was in Thailand (97) I had the opportunity to go jewelry shopping. I went to approx. 3 stores. One was an "official" govt. controlled diamond factory. Very nice and somewhat fancy store. I wasn't buying and was just tagging along with family who were looking to buy. We didn't buy any diamonds there but my mom bought several gemstones as there were cheaper from what she was used to see. But that doesn't really mean anything.

We didn't buy any diamonds there coz' we have relatives who own jewelry stores (ma&pa shop) and relatives who work in large mall stores who will deal.

I can tell you my experience with the large mall store. We did buy a .3 or so carat diamond. Right off the bat, the price was slash to 1/2 coz' we're relatives. It is common for retailers in Asia to markup 100% and more. Maybe due to the size, the diamond has no cert. So, it is what the store tells you. This is also very common in Asia. Not too many places sell you diamonds with GIA cert. Only if you are looking to spend $$$$ will you get a cert. We were told the diamond is VVS1 and F color. No mention about the cut. It cost (after conversion) about USD$700 after a *special* discount.

Not sure if this will help you but since the labor and real estate and not to mention the strong currency of UK and US, a USD$1000 goes a long way.


Aug 25, 2000
Well you take the limited conditons that your subject to , limited knowlege of the product and the airfare , place to stay , eat ect. There is no savings , buy off the internet of find a brick and morter store that sells like the internet, there are some of those you know.

People think going out of the country is cheaper, when you have bargins in your back yard?
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