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Dec 27, 2015

Im looking to get an engagemebt ring for my GF and
Had planned on getting a round 1c diamond.

Am i better off getting a lower carot and better colour
and clarity

Budget is only around £2700


Apr 8, 2014

You have come to the right place...especially if you want more information than you might have been expecting. :D

You will find that most of the members on this forum will advocate a focus on Cut quality in a modern round brilliant.

Here is the thing to consider:

Nature has determined what the color of the rough will be, what (in large part) the clarity of the diamond can be and, in reality, what the carat of a particular diamond can be. Sure, during the cutting and polishing process minor adjustments can be made to help with clarity and total carat weight, but the single factor that man has complete control over is the cut of the diamond.

So, in a sense, all diamonds are created equal (by nature) but made unequal by man. The cut is done intentionally with certain parameters in mind. Even within the same cut-grade (Excellent, Very Good, Good, etc...) there are wide variations.

Let me give you an example:
Cutter A and Cutter B are presented with identical roughs:

Cutter A decides to plan his angles to make sure the carat weight of a diamond hits 1ct. There are several options, but often times this means a deeper (taller) diamond, often with a thick girdle and "steep/deep" angle combinations. He doesn't go too far with it, and checks all the numbers to make sure it will receive an 'excellent' cut grade - which he can do, barely - and creates the diamond.

Cutter B decides he wants incredible light performance so he cuts the angles in such a manner that he will put all of his proportions at or near the very center of the 'excellent' cut parameters. In order to do this he loses more of the rough, and creates a slightly smaller diamond that is not steep/deep, but has 'ideal' proportions. Once he is finished he ends up with a diamond that weighs .9 carats.

In this circumstance much of the time diamond cutter A sells the diamond to a happy customer who wanted an Excellent cut 1ct diamond, for the premium that 1ct. carries, while diamond cutter B makes less profit, but sells a .9 ct Excellent Cut diamond that he knows will be a stunner.

When worn in everyday situations, because of the light performance, Cutter B's diamond can out-perform cutter A's diamond in side-by-side comparison for scintillation, brilliance and even apparent size.

Start reading here:

Follow the links associated with that page and then begin your search anew.

Best Wishes!


Dec 17, 2008
I think that comes out to $4000 US dollars (correct me if I'm wrong). It will be difficult to get a well cut 1 carat in that budget.
I suggest you go down some. I'll post a few. I'm assuming that the $4k is for stone only and you want round??? This is about the
biggest I could find in your budget.

If you could go down to a J or K you might be able to get a 1 carat.
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