diamond switch ? what to do?

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Apr 4, 2003
This is especially for Giangi, and Rich who helped me with this stone 2 weeks ago. It was sent to Martain fuller who appraised it at a good bit more than what I paid, and said I got a great deal.The only problem was he said the stone did not match the cert.

Stone bought was an EGL Isreal cert.
2.04 c round
8.04-8.15 X 4.95
t 58
dep. 61.1
pol/sym vg/vg
flur. none
cul none
girdle sl. thick. f.
The stone had two extra facets, and a natural on the pavillion. The variance of the diameter was making me nervous. And Tolk. Ideal cut was engraved on the girdle according to the cert.

Martain showed me right away that nothing! was engraved on the girdle. I had never looked for this in the store. Also the measurments were different at 8.21-8.23, much less variance, the carot weight was the same at 2.04. There were no extra facets, or natural areas, the girdle was still sl. thick f,no culet, no flur. The color was H to I, he wrote I (It is an EGL stone). The clarity was better at sI1 (eye clean), and the inclusions were not the same as the cert locations. Also the cut was much better, with a table of 57, depth of 60.1, pol/sym. both excellent, and he told me the angles were much better than the cert. He said the cut was incredible, almost a H & A type look. He said it would face up white in platinum. and that 10000$ was a great deal. What should I do though, I have no real cert. and the stone was not an H color. Should I tell the store, and risk them trying to take the stone away (I allready paid cash for the stone), on contingency for the appraisal. Did they switch the stones at the store? Any help appreciated


Jan 23, 2003
I suppose the store made a mistake... Maybe they mixed two parcel papers...
Your new stone sounds far better than the previous one... Why don't you send it to the GIA Lab and show the report to the jeweler that sold you the stone?? I'm very curious to hear what he/she says!
BTW, I'd keep it
. You paid for it and now it's yours!


Jul 22, 2002
Oh my! Has this happened to any of the jewelers on board?

Richard Sherwood

Sep 25, 2002
Hi Simon. An I/SI1 per carat price is listed at 4.5% more than an H/SI2 on the Rapaport Trade Sheet. Even if the stone was "mixed up" with another, the price level is in the same "ballpark", and the dealer is probably taking no significant loss, while you're getting a better deal on a better stone.

Just to keep from having it bug you though, I would call the dealer up and say "The appraiser thinks this is a different stone than the one you quoted me, as some of the statistics are different and he appraises it as an I/SI1 as opposed to the H/SI2 on the cert. I'm satisfied with the stone, and would like to keep it, but wanted to let you know about the differences. Are you okay with the transaction?"

My guess is that he will be fine with it, and you will have a clear conscience regarding the matter.


Dec 12, 2000
Oh, this happens more often that you would think. The wholesaler sends the diamond to a retailer. The retailer gets in two or three diamonds all the same weight and some sales clerk mixes up the diamonds and sells the wrong one. He also sends back the wrong one. If the wholesaler is on the ball he will catch it when the diamond is returned. If he just weighs the returned diamond w/o taking any measurements, it can get sent out again, making more of a problem. Yes, this happens and people get fired for these mistakes.
I would probably tell the store that they gave me the wrong certificate with my new diamond but keep the diamond and send it to GIA. If the store stays they didn't make a mistake, just say, OK. Martin Fuller is good at catching little mistakes like that.
Humans make mistakes every day, it is going to happen. When you make mistakes in the diamond business, it can cost a bundle.


Oct 30, 2002
Rich's idea is a good one. BUT I would call and not 'ask' if they are okay with it, but rather just let them know that the mistake seems to have been made, but you are keeping your purchase. Asking leaves the door open for a potential drama later--what IF they say they don't want you to keep it? The possibility is too stressful. You bought a 2.04 H SI2 stone and got a 2.04 H/I SI1 stone. Not a whole lot of difference on basic paper if you don't look further.

I would say something along the lines of 'The appraiser feels this is a different stone than the one I thought I purchased. It does not matter to me, it checks out to my satisfaction, and I am keeping it. But I just wanted to let you know so you can check the other stones to be sure they all match their certs.' If you do this, that way a future buyer of the other similar stone will not end up with your original 2.04 not-so-ex cut stone and think he is buying the one you already have!

I would then send the stone to GIA for grading. It will cost a few hundred but you will have a highly-respected GIA cert when all is said and done, you've already got the extensive appraisal from Martin, and you have your receipt for a 2.04c H SI2 stone. Sounds good to me!
BTW great deal!! Congrats.
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