Diamond quality for 1.5 point melee rosegold ring


Mar 2, 2016
I am looking for a wedding band for my fiance.

We are looking for a rose gold band with 1.5 point diamond half or full eternity band. I got her a 2.1 ct G color ering with side stones (8 pts each), and we are looking for a mismatching rose gold band to complement this ring . We tried on many different eternity bands and 1.5pt was the best with this ering.

There are many vendors offering different kind of bands. Some offer F-G color, G-H color, I-J color. I feel like with a rose gold setting, I-J color should be okay and I can save some money on the tiny diamonds. Does the cut matter? Whiteflash had excellent, while others offer good to very good cut. And JA and whiteflash have VS2+ quality diamond, but at this small size, if it's not noticeable, I am perfectly okay with going a lower grade like SI2.

Please help.

Thanks. :roll:
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