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Jul 26, 2002
Dear Friends,

For the past 18 months we have been conducting our own research of diamond cut using our own developed tools as well as all the modern tools available today.

In addition to our generations of cutting techniques and knowledge as well as our human perception, we have used tools such as Ideal-Scope, Diamond Calculator, Sarin™, and Brilliancescope™.

Our understanding of these tools and how they represent human perception of diamonds is much more advanced now.

We have learned how we as cutters can play with the facets and angles to achieve the maximum desired results with these tools, such as high light return or little light leakage, and more so how it will affect the diamond's appearance.

Which leads us to find a balance between the two extremes.

Along with this better understanding of diamond cut, we have developed a new generation of “A CUT ABOVE”, diamonds, focusing on a more even distribution of light return under the Ideal-Scope (no visible light leakage) while maintaining the consistent shape of our hearts as a guarantee of utmost cutting precision.

The results of these cut studies will be published shortly in trade magazines as well as on the Internet.

as LesleyH announced recently.

(Sergey and Vladimir) and Garry Holloway’s Ideal-Scope it has become much easier to develop new, great looking diamond cuts of any shape.

We are proud to use our knowledge and provide a varied combination of precisely cut diamonds

For any connoisseur's taste.

“A CUT ABOVE will continue to strive to set standards that others will try to attain.”

Brian the cutter



Garry H (Cut Nut)

Aug 15, 2000
Thankyou very much for the credit Brian.
You are a very open minded and innovative guy. I wish your new cut every success.
I must also say that we have re done the symmetry pages at and this was largely as a result of some experiments we conducted during Brians experiments in producing this new cut, together with Sergey from Moscow and Leonid.

I think you should ask for suggestions for a name for the new cut.


Jun 27, 2002
“A CUT ABOVE will continue to strive to set standards that others will try to attain.”

Although the above quote is clearly stated in this thread, as well as in one banner advertisement found here on price scope. I am quite unclear, as to the interpretation of such information by the average consumer.
Perhaps ones own perception with the advent of this promotion, may lead one to believe that a cut above has taken
the route of eight star, as depicted by the above, ? scope image, which is practically identical
to the already existing fire scope images produced and advertised by eightstar diamonds.

If that be the case, it may be easily misinterpreted by anyone, that a cut above is following a standard that is already
"set and attained" by another company.

Perhaps some clarification would be helpful.

1. How exactly does this new line differ with the old? ( please provide examples.)
2. What type of scope was used in order to test light leakage in the above image?
3. What will become of your current supply of, a cut above diamonds, prior to the modifications?
4. Will these diamonds cost more than the prior White Flash inventory?
5. Would you say that this new line is better than the older line?



Jul 26, 2002

1.) Let me clarify an important point -
What we tried to achieve during the study was not to copy any other product but to understand diamond cut better, not in theory but in practice, and how it affects the finest diamond look.

I make no claims about our product, versus others.I make no claims of 100% no light leakage or light return and I don’t believe anybody can!

2.) The work we did to reduce the light leakage was done by using our 5 generations
of diamond cutting knowledge, Octonus’ Diamondcalc™ and Garry Holloway’s Ideal Scope™ as well as other instruments etc.
This experimentation has taken place right here in our facility in Houston and the results implemented in our Antwerp factory.

3.) A CUT ABOVE has matured and evolved into what it is today. We do not classify it as a new cut, it will always remain A CUT ABOVE because that’s what it is.
There is no mystery or secret here anymore.
We are not saying the new cut is better than the original A Cut Above. They both are very great looking just a bit different.

4.) The A CUT ABOVE logo that is inscribed on the girdle and noted on the Diamond Quality Document by AGS has always stood for and emphasizes it’s consistent Heart patterning which remains its core feature.
Now you’ll get an additional bonus - even less light leakage at a very fair price!!

5.)Kirk, I think that all the answers to your questions are written above in this post and my original post
Our statement “we set the standards that others try to attain” has great relevance… let me explain…
A CUT ABOVE was the first Branded diamond to be sold on the Internet.
I set out certain parameters for diamonds to be called True Hearts and Arrows.
Then at a certain point, I made sure every stone that we sent to the labs had to have 000’s or EX/EX to meet the standard of A CUT ABOVE Superideal Hearts and Arrows.
This laid down certain criteria that other brands and other similar stones had to achieve in order to compete.
We have continuously raised these standards and will continue to do so.
As others play catch up!

Our main point is: consumers with different taste will now benefit from our knowledge by being able to select the finest details of a diamond look they prefer without paying a huge premium

We will continue to develop the finest modifications of diamond cuts as well as the new fancy cuts because, as I said, there are no secrets there for us.
We invite all the consumers to share their preferences in what they are looking cut-wise. Sort of “cut a-la-carte”

Spring Cut - Don’t forget this, it is a really exciting cut that has exceeded our expectations!
A great alternative to emerald, radiants and, in some cases, princess cuts .
Stick around hold your breath ,more cuts to come!

Brian the cutter

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