Diamond huniting in Georgia

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May 30, 2003
I am in the thick of the "hunt", as I now call it, searching for the perfect balance between quality and value. My preferences are:

Princess, 1.3-1.5, G-I, SI-1 - SI-2, Good cut and symetry. GIA.

I''ve done a lot of shopping over the last 2 months, mostly at B&M/retail stores. I''ve started looking on line and calling wholesalers. I''ve read Mr. Cuellar''s "How to Buy a Diamiond". I have a few questions, if anyone would be kind enough to offer their advice:

1. Anyone with good recommendations for buying in the Atlanta area?
2. Can you get a good deal at a "wholesaler"?
3. Has anyone had luck purchasing from the classifieds?
4. I think I may be able to find a diamond that meets my criteria for around $3500. Am I out of my mind?

Please help me expand my knowledge base as I inch ever closer to the inevitable purchase. . .


Feb 15, 2003
Hi Connell -

First thing you need to do is forget most of what you read in Mr. Cuellar's book. I understand there is a lot of information that is not quite accurate in it. I suggest you do a search on this board for his name and read a little about it. If I remember right he has a criminal background and should not be trusted?

Second thing - go through the pricescope tutorial. This will teach you a lot about diamonds and what you really want to look for.

Third - read through some of this bulletin board. You will notice that certain vendors are often positively mentioned. Visit their websites and see what info they give you.

This should be a good starting point for you!


Mar 31, 2003
Run a search on the forum using the keyword "Atlanta". You will find that this question has come up before and there are some threads with guidance for you. My stone came indirectly from Solomon Brothers through USA Certed. USA certed beat there price as a broker for them. I contacted solomon to see if they would beat the price of USAcerted and they told me they might but wouldn't give me a number until after I called USAcerted and cancelled my inquiries with them. USAcerted at that point was giving me great service so I decided not to try to save a few bucks (probably only would have been like $50) and stayed with them. But that doesn't mean they aren't good. They have a large inventory and their prices are reasonable. Also, once you look around in person, check back on-line and see if you still want to buy from a Brick and Mortar (B&M).

Ditto on Cuellar. The book has some relevant info but DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM DIRECTLY. The whole purpose behind his book is to draw you to him to buy diamonds.


Aug 25, 2000
You will be looking at 1.30 "I" SI2 graded from EGL or IGI but its do able ,, for your budget. All I can say is that its out there and you just have to find somebody that only wants to make a little on the profit.

Thats if they are what they say they are ? GIA is accurate and none showed up in your price range with a GIA lab cert ? So be careful we will help here if you have any more questions.
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