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Jan 23, 2007
I''ve been reading the forum for a few days, and it seems there is so much good information here, however i would like to ask some advice so i can make the best decision for me on a diamond and ring.

As far as price, i was planning on spending $8000 - $10,000. This is a little flexible though, depening on what comes up.

The most important thing to me, is not size, but quality. I want a diamond that will light up as much as possible, and just be an outstanding diamond.

I have not yet gone out to retail stores to look at diamonds (im planning to do this sometime this week), so i have not seen the difference between, for example and E color to a G or H color.

The setting i am looking at right now is the White Flash ''Champaigne'' setting.

pic here -

i would like to get platinum for the setting. It is 3.8mm wide, but rounded.

I am unsure which cut I like better, but its between either the princess or the Round, and for size at least 1 carat, probably around 1.2 or so.

I want a diamond that can stand out against the ring, but not be very big as to be obnoxious. The diamond in the picture in the link above is about the max size i would like, a little smaller would be ok as well.

So here is my question basically, since i am new to all of this.

I was looking at the ''A Cut Above'' diamonds - are they worth the price, and for colors i was looking at D-F. Would G be ok, or is there a big difference between the G and an E or F.

Any information or tips would be greatly appreciated :)




Apr 30, 2005
Welcome to PS

I can't get the link to work?

The ACA diamonds are superbly cut and beautiful, if you have been reading here then you know that cut is key for a diamond's beauty, so you won't go wrong with one of those, especially in the Champagne setting
I am sure a G colour would be fine, well cut diamonds can face up better than a lesser cut for colour, but a G is still a very white diamond! Best way to be sure is to visit your jeweller as you propose and compare similary graded and cut and size diamonds of the same colour. Some can tell a difference with side by side comparison of the colour grades you mention, others may not be able to, but on their own it would be much harder, lighting plays it's part of course. So yes I think a G or even H might be ok, but have a look as you say to see what your own eyes prefer. Also a carat to 1.2 etc is a great size!

You could also look at the WF Expert Selection diamonds, often these have missed the ACA grade by a whisker and are just as beautiful! It depends on whether you want the pedigree of the ACA or would be just as happy with an ES,both are fab choices and you can't go wrong with either!


Jan 13, 2006
Ditto what Lorelei said!


Dec 29, 2006
Hi, sounds like you started where i did. From your post, it sounds like you like the princess cut? but aren''t happy with the light return, and hence are looking at rounds? I''m certainly no diamond expert, but my compromise was a regent cut diamond. I found one in Memphis and absolutely fell in love with it. My GF now Fiance'' just loves it, all of her friends love it. It is a 12 sided square that is more round than square, but has some square shape and awesome light return. As i understand, they were cut to H&A standards (though someone may correct me on this). The Regent is such a wonderful cut, i think they have become hard to find, but if i have described your situation correctly it would be worth your while to take a look. Other thoughts are Flanders/Jubilee/Square H&A, but I''m partial to the Regent. I think has some you can look at.

Good luck, i knew nothing about diamonds when i started, but pricescope really helped me out. Enjoy your journey!


Dec 27, 2006
Have you seen They have a huge variety of modified square cuts..
If you like the light performance of the round stones, but the cut of the squares, you should look into the square hearts and arrows.

I attatched the list of the diamonds they have available. Their prices aren''t listed, but use their interactive chat program and talk to Tim, or call them and they''ll tell you more about them.

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