Diamond dilemma - Please help!


Jul 3, 2011

I bought a (rather beautiful) diamond ring online from the US on the 7th July. The vendor said he had shipped it to me in the UK on a guaranteed 3-5 day postal delivery, and promised me that I would have it by today at the latest. I also asked him that at an absolutely worst case scenario I would have it within 10 days and he again reassured me.

5 days after shipping the status of the ring is 'awaiting customs clearance'. As I am going away this coming Monday to Italy to make the proposal - where I have the restaurant, the hotel, the champagne, the flowers all arranged, but at the minute no ring - I am very anxious that I haven't yet received it within the 'guaranteed delivery' window, and the clock is ticking as to how is long left before I have to think about making alternative arrangements i.e buying another ring and sending this back when it finally arrives.

I have spoken with UK customs who have said that it has been sent to their delivery contractor UPS - but that I will need to provide UPS with proof of how much I paid for the ring before they will send it to me. UPS however are saying that they haven't received the ring from customs and until they do they will not be requiring anything from me. So right now neither party are taking responsibility for having the ring - which is obviously a big concern.

Has anyone had a similar experience, and if so do you have advice on how I can hurry this along/make sure the ring hasn't gone missing?
I am assuming that the vendor, being the person who sent it, insured it and guaranteed me I would have it in time etc could somehow be helping me with this?

Thanks in advance.


May 12, 2011
When did it clear customs and get sent out to UPS? Call customs and find out time and date and ask them if they can estimate how long it usually takes for items to be received by UPS and also find out the specific UPS depot it is going to - from this you can calculate if it's merely en route as usual or significantly late/lost.
UPS is acting as your customs broker, hence why they need proof of funds paid.
If it's not showing up on UPS tracking as arrived at the depot, then it's en route, but not necessarily lost.
If your vendor assured arrival and it's passed that promised timeline, then they should be the ones doing the tracking down here, but they won't have any more "pull" than you with UPS for getting to you faster. I'd personally rather deal with myself, but I'd want to know my vendor was making every effort their end also.
If UPS confirms they have it, you can expedite the process by going and picking it up in person from the depot, instead of waiting for delivery. Have all personal ID on you and all pertaining paper work, ask them exactly what you'll need.

Good luck, I know it's stressful!


Jul 9, 2011
I'm sorry that is happening. I have never had anything like this happen, but if I did, I would probably be on the phone around the clock bugging anyone involved until I had some sort of resolution. If it doesn't get resolved, I really hope you are able to find another ring in time!


May 27, 2011
Seems like a rather big mess to me - how unfortunate! I would have just bought it a couple months earlier, and then would not have to worry about any last minute stuff - way too stressful for me!! One of life's lessons, I guess.


Jan 7, 2011
Your vendor did their job, and the ring was received in the UK in less than 5 days. As for customs, you know as well as anyone else, that your vendor has no control over how long the approval process may take. Hopefully you will receive your ring on time. :appl:
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