diamond bracelet, how much is it worth?

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Jun 25, 2003

I recently inhereted a diamond bracelet from my mother. I am planning on getting it appraised and I would like to privately sell, it, but I was wondering if anyone in this form could give me a rough estimate as to its value. The bracelet is 14K gold, with 52 .15 carat, round cut, beautiful diamonds diamonds. I havent taken it to an appraiser, so I can''t say exactly what the color and clarity are, but the diamonds appear to be identical and of very high quality. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could tell me approximately how much I should expect for this.


Feb 22, 2003
Hi Canda!

You are really going to have to get a professional appraisal to determine value. A lot will depend on the sizes, color, clarity, and cut classes of the diamonds.

Also, larger size diamonds bring a higher value than smaller ones. If your bracelet has one or more "center piece" diamonds of larger carat weight, that will add value as opposed to a lot of smaller diamonds.


Oct 30, 2002
I definitely am not an expert...but from what I have seen of diamond bracelets, they don't always go for very expensive. It sounds like a tennis bracelet or similar? Depending on the quality of the could look at a good amount, or no amount at all.

If the stones are say..I/J color and SI or I won't be worth as much as a bracelet with stones of D/E/F color and VS clarity. Most of the time bracelets that are storebought are not going to have the higher quality stones in seems as though alot of this type of jewelry comes more with the 'mainstream' color and clarity choices (e.g. what maul stores can sell). My girlfriend's mom has her bracelets and the like custom made and she gets the colorless VS stones. But then again, that's custom made. It's hard to eyeball color and clarity, esp if you have nothing to compare it against.

As PQ notes, you should get it appraised. Coming onto an internet forum and asking the question with no details really doesn't get you very far..unfortunately!

Also one last think to mention is that selling jewelry is tough. Even if you get it appraised at $3k...chances are you may only be able to recover maybe half of that in a sale--depending on your venue. Sometimes it's even less.

Good luck!!
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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