diamcalc for BIC quality stone

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May 8, 2002
I would love to get a diamcalc ".gem" file for the following stone I'm about to purchase to look at it on the Gem Adviser. I looked at the GemAdviser models collection website, but the models do not match very closely. I tried to get all the necessary cut information from my vendor (it came up a .4 BIC on the HCA - sounds like a winner, but I just want to make sure):

2.01 c
8.28 - 8.36 x 4.85
T 59%
D 58.3%
C 13% (i think ~32.2 degrees)
P 43% (i think ~40.7 degrees)
Thin girdle ~2.3%
VG polish and symmetry
no culet or fluorescence
F color

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.


Dec 31, 1999

A few comments.

simulation is done for ideally symmetrical diamond. Your stone has very good symmetry and will have about the same overall light return and leakage but can have a different look because of asymmetry.

I set pavilion mains to 80% and Star facets to 50%. In reality they can be different which might slightly affect the appearance of the stone.

allows you to switch and view it in Office, Disco, Light Return, and Light leakage illumination conditions.

will visualize the stone (try the rocking movie - very realistic) and calculate light return, leakage and contrast.

Compare it with examples of other diamond proportions supplied with the program. You'll see that this non AGS-ideal stone has not light return not worse than traditional ideal stones and beat them by light leakage. Your stone also have an excellent spread.

Hope you’ll enjoy the stone and without paying premium for AGS-ideal certificate.

files. For them it is not a big deal to spend $280 for the program while they will benefit by providing better service to their customers especially when selling online.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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