diagnosis sought


Aug 16, 2011
So, I had gotten some studs from BN. 18K white gold in a martini setting screwbacks (SB).

One worked easily (SB A). The other one needs a lot more effort (SB B).

I switch and tried the screwbacks on the opposite posts. SB A still works. SB B continues to struggle.

I notice the struggle with SB B starts when the post negotiates the second hole. Again SB A, no problem. Very smooth on both posts.

BN sends me a replacement screwback (SB C). It struggles just like original SB B, if not a bit more. It struggles on both posts.

Here's what I noticed upon closer inspection: SB B sits taller than SB A. Not a lot, but definitely noticeable. The 2 holes on SB A are just a little closer together than on SB B. I look at SB C and it's just as tall as SB B and also noticeably taller (not a lot) than SB A. So, the replacement is more like the one that struggles than the one that works.

BN suggests that I manipulate the SB with a paperclip, use oil, and do other strategies typically used by screwback owners. I'm resistant since one works like a charm and the other does not. I'm also a little perplexed and frustrated.

After some but not a whole lot of resistance, BN agrees to take all of it back and re-send me screwbacks. Remounted or fixed, I dunno. Hopefully it will work.

Any experience with the particular BN mounts I'm descrbing? Could there be damage to the post after all? Or am I just losing my mind?

We'll see. I'll keep you posted (pun intended).


Mar 15, 2011
That's strange. It's obviously some malfunction of your backs. I have had multiple backs for my screwback studs and haven't had problems with any of them. I HATE my screwbacks. I lose the backs all the time and with platinum backs it isn't cheap to replace them. They fly all over when I'm unscrewing them. When I have the opportunity I will be switching to la pousette backs for sure.


Jan 18, 2009
I don't have that setting but can you ask BN if they have other setting options?
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