Desparate for store in Toronto, Canada!!

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Nov 21, 2002
Can anyone refer us to a store in the Toronto area that they've had an excellent experience!!

We've heard so many different stories from jewellers that we're almost hesitant to buy a diamond period.

After reading, I don't think I've come across a diamond store that pays attention to specs like depth, angle, table etc! This is the first time we've heard about this, it's scary. All we've heard is that they are GEM SCAN appraised, but today someone told us that GEM SCAN works in the favour of the seller rather than the consumer.

We could really use some help. Thanx


Apr 8, 2002
Hi Sara,

I'm actually in the process of doing the very same thing you are. And like you I found this site. Right now I'm working with Martin @ usaceterddiamonds (a pricescope vendor). In spite of their name to the contrary they're actually located in Thornhill.
Like I say, my situation is still unfolding so I can't really give you a glowing testomonial...things are moving along though.
Perhaps some other members who CAN give full testamonials will chime in on this thread.


Nov 11, 2002
Hi, I don't live in the Toronto area anymore since i moved to the US, but most of my friends and family are still there. When my best friend got enganged her fiance did major research in buying the best diamond he was able to afford. He ended up bying from Martin. They have nothing but glowing praises for Martin and his company so definitely check them out. He ended up buying her a 1.02 tcw, non-branded H&A. It's gorgeous!

here is their's quite informative too.


Jul 16, 2003
I was in your position. Toronto based, seen Birks, Peoples, Spence, Mappins etc but when I first went looking 3 months ago, all they could say was "this is a beautiful diamond" but either didn't know or weren't prepared to discuss the specs.

I found as a great place to educate myself on diamonds, but the stock they had on pricescope didn't always match what they had on their own website.

After reviewing pricescope and other websites I finally settled on USA Certified Diamonds ( as they had all the inventory and guaranteed to better the price of any other vendor on the web for the same stone (the stone I was interested was listed by 6 different vendors with about US$ 150 difference over the range - USA Cert was in the middle).

What was better for me (being hesitant to buy over the web) was that they are based in Toronto (in fact, around 15 minutes away from my work) up near Steeles vs Bathurst.

Once I had finalized a stone I liked the look of, I contacted Martin and he faxed over the AGS certificate. We chatted over the phone & he seemed helpful and competent. Last night I went around to meet him and he took me through the process of how they evaluate, how price is calculated ($US + $50 shipping x exchange rate x 1.1 luxury tax x 1.15 gst/pst).

I won't give you the diamond specs in case my intended is reading this, but on Wed next week I'm taking it to either or to be appraised. If the stone then matches the AGS certificate I'll be getting it and looking for a setting next week.

I figure that even with all the taxes I'll still be getting a way better diamond with specs I am sure of for around 30-40% less mulla. Martin has recommended some local jewellers for the setting so I'll check out their work & prices. When I contacted the Canadian Jewellers Association they recommended Birks, Peoples or Marquis for settings.

O'course, if you want to avoid all this and just go with a mall store, the best I found (or at least the most helpful at reasonable prices) was Fran Mills at European Jewellery in the Eaton Centre downtown.

Good luck!



Dec 9, 2002
I live in Montreal and if you plan to come here, I can
recommand you to competent setters.

However, remember that Ideal Diamonds are pretty
very rare to find here in Canada since it's not
what the client is looking for. However, you'll find
pretty easily non-branded AGS1-3 stones.

Hope this helps,



Jul 12, 2003
I am also in the process of finding a diamond so would appreciate any feedback you have on your experiences going forward.

One store I have dealt with is Dynes Jewellers in Richmond Hill which apparently has been in the same location for close to 50 years. I am still in the preliminary stages of my search but I have found Vern Dynes to be very courteous and professional and willing to answer any questions that I have. If I recall correctly he also spent some time doing diamond grading with GIA.

Although not located in Toronto, I have also had an excellent experience dealing with Jonathan of Good Old Gold. He has been more thanwilling to answer any questions that I have had. Also, you can't go worng with his web site for educational info.

Hope this helps!

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