Deciding between American Family or JM for E-ring Insurance


Apr 18, 2011
Hi All,

So I called American Family (currently insuring a car through them) and with the discount on auto with renters I am able to get the e-ring insured for ~$9 dollars a month (going off the WF appraisal of $8,000). However, since we were getting renters insurance regardless I guess I should estimate it at the quote for the rider, at $83 a year or ~$7 a month. They said they cover loss, theft, stones falling out, etc outside/inside the US. They offer replacement or will cut a check at a "depreciated amount".

This is my concern. I don't know how flexible or reasonable they will be with replacing the ring (I want the same quality obviously). And,the depreciated value seems like BS, jewelery doesn't depreciate unless the stones drop in value (maybe that's what they mean?). Unfortunately I will have to wait until tomorrow to find our more about this policy as the lady I spoke with couldn't answer those specific questions.

Does anyone else know more about American Family and insuring jewelery through them? Any idea what this "depreciated value" means?

JM's online quote was only a $1 more (though I couldn't pay monthly), but I'm unsure if their coverage is as complete (outside the US, loss of sidestones). Also, they just offer a standard replacement as well, correct? Do they let you select the replacement stone to insure it's of equal quality? Specifically, often you are trading off on certain variables (color, clarity, size) to meet a certain price. Based on the limited selection around my stone's size (0.822) I am unsure how the process would work.

If there is anything else I'm missing here that I should be aware of please let me know. Thanks!


Jan 11, 2006
Re: Deciding between American Family or JM for E-ring Insura

I'd probably go with JM because WF connects you with them on their site, and I think you'd have a better chance of them letting WF provide the replacement stone. I think your insurance company means they would only cut you a check for the discounted amount they'd have to pay to replace it rather than the insured amount.


Jan 3, 2005
Re: Deciding between American Family or JM for E-ring Insura

I'd go with JM as well.
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